Sympathetic Aggressor

Very interesting thread. Thanks.

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@Craig6 thank you for your candor.

My hubby was Special Forces in Vietnam. He says there’re rules for there, and rules for here. You have to know where you are and apply the right set of rules. You must not judge the actions you take in one place by the rules of the other. That will make you insane or take your soul. You must not let the rules run together. That will get you dead or in jail.

Thank you for your sacrifice.

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Call me a sociopath but I too came to grips with this long ago listening to stories from my dad’s friends and fellow classmates that were or had served in Vietnam.

One of them had been a Cpt of an infantry company who’d lost an arm, an eye, and part of a leg to a little girl that detonated an IED as she ran into his CP.

Pregnant women and little kids were favorite tools of the VC.

Later in life I saw some of the very same/similar acts being committed by boys as young as 12 in other parts of the world serving as “soldiers” and “fighters”.

The threat is the weapon and the person’s age/status is irrelevant, stop the threat and don’t think twice about it or question yourself later as long as you did what was lawful and necessary.