Subsonic .22 Ammo

Any opinions/comments on this? I’m not crazy about foreign ammo, but the Aguila - (“Eagle” , in Spanish) “Colibri” , “Super Colibri”, and “Subsonic Sniper” rounds interest me. Just curious. - Kurt17

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Compared to what? I have no experience with those, but have been very happy with CCI Subsonic. Also, what are you shooting it out of? If you are trying to shoot out of a handgun, depending on the barrel length, you are probably already subsonic using standard ammo.


i was just curious - subsonic .22s are touted for safe indoor practice, and for dealing with pests without disturbing/alarming neighbors - Kurt17

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My favorite subsonic .22 is Wolf Match Extra. It’s made by Lapua for Wolf. It’s the ammo I use to really “find out what a rifle can do.”
That said, the Friends of the NRA just donated 30,000 rounds of CCI standard velocity to my 4H team, so, I’m using it, a LOT!


THX - Kurt17

Keep in mind .22 subsonics are still .22’s. Basement shooting still will require you to build an appropriate backstop. Subsonic .22’s are not toys.

Single body shot to the heart. Dropped where he stood and never moved. Here is what one shot of subsonic can do:


cute couple!

I love CCI .22 ammo. For low budget Aguila is OK. Has been shooting this recently. No issue at all.

Can you bark them with that ammo?

I’m a BIG fan of sub-sonic .22 ammo but not all of it is “quiet”. Normally the really quiet rounds will be marked CB Shorts or CB Longs and CCI and others make them and they are excellent!!! But some subsonic ammo is still pretty fast and loud out of guns, especially handguns (revolvers since they usually will not cycle a pistol). IIRC Aguilars Colibris are true quiet rounds. I do not believe their “Sniper” rounds are and if it’s the ones I’m thinking of they use a 60 gr. bullet that does not stabilize in most standard .22 barrels because the rifling is too slow.

Aguila’s website states that the 60-grain “Sniper” is for rifles with longer barrels than 20". I don’t know how the two Colibris differ - maybe the priming mixture? I’ll research subsonic .22s again when I can rebuild my “using” collection of handguns. THX - Kurt