Student sues Wis. high school over dress code that bars him from wearing

Our children’s clothing should not be a platform for our political views. We send our children to school for an education. And we are not paying teachers to be fashion police. Everyone, staff included, should be in plain unmarked clothes or uniform. It’s your job as a parent to fill in educational gaps you feel are necessary to the child’s development.


At this stage of political discussion in our countries history? We all know about dress codes. We all know schools positions. Do I agree with any of it. No I don’t.

But it is what it is. I hate it. But alot of this is just grandstanding and taking energy away from the serious points about the Second Amendment that are truly under assault.


You really think all of these kids across the country that are starting these showdowns all have a Pro Bono attorney waiting to help them. Or in this case the owner of the company ready to support him. I think that’s a bit naive.

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Just a reminder. There are over 13, 000 school districts in America. Some are run by far left boards and administrators, many are not. Just as we gun enthusiasts dont want to be judged by the nuts who use firearms inappropriately we shouldn’t judge all schools, all teachers, all staff by the actions of a few. You’ll never see a headline that says Student Wears 2A Shirt to School and Nothing Happened. As I have said before, if you don’t like the way your school is run get yourself elected and fix it.


One big problem nowadays is politics play way too much in day-to-day lives. My father always told me leave politics for the voting booth.

It would be a world run by today’s socialist Democrats.


Your father is a wise man. Good post :+1::+1:

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God knows I used to have some horribly outre t shirts. I still have that same sense of humor. I just choose to pick my stands.more deliberately now.

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Depending on if the firearm is legal. Not shown to be firing. We definitely do not want to upset any snowflakes. We can make a statement without being antagonistic. The media does that enough.


The school I work at prohibits clothing with obscene (language, pictures, etc.), provocative, weapons, sexual, drug, alcohol, offensive, high cut shirts, low pants, yoga pants, low cut shirts, hoods… but they try to still wear them every day. Don’t know who’s opinion is making decisions on what is considered obscene (language, pictures, etc.), provocative, sexual or offensive. The drug and weapons are usually pretty cut and dry. As far as 1st amendment goes obscenities (nudes, sex pics) are covered under the law as far as I know. Guns, marijuana leaf, Christ, Blue/ black/white lives, save the whales, Ford, Chevy, Budweiser, Strohs, … I would just think is a shirt but now a days, free speech? Believe me, teens don’t think that much when getting ready for school. It’s the parents.

Totally disagree that it’s the parents (I assume you mean their views). That is not to say that parents and child(ren) might not share similar views, but children can and do have views on topics separate from their parents even today - mine certainly does. The adage “an apple does not fall far from the tree” does still have relevancy, but like all expressions, they are never 100% correct all of the time.

However, regardless of whether or not the child shares similar views as the parents in this news story, does not mean they are not his views. I would find it more difficult to believe a 15-year old would wear a t-shirt because his parents told him to. I know I certainly would not have.

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I’m sorry, perhaps I wasn’t clear. I was talking about what kids wear in school and the lack of thought on their wardrobe before they leave the house. Some students do have strong opinions and they do wear clothing that show their opinion, whether conservative or liberal. Some try to get all gussied up for school, but most students are just trying to make it through the day and fit in with bad hair, pimples, buck teeth, weight (too much or not enough), freckles, glasses… The parents are the ones that get offended and want to control wardrobe, most students could care less.

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I understand @David57’s point of view.
I always checked my kid’s clothing before they drove to school (Elementary, Middle and High School).
There is a time to express your thoughts and there is a time to avoid problems and not escalate existing “bad situation”.
What I’ve meant:

  • don’t dress “gun” clothes when there was a school shooting recently (even if you think it shows your support)
  • don’t dress “skeleton” or “death” related cloths when there was suicidal incident in the school
  • … you can add whatever you want to this list… (these two I know from my kid’s school)

Just remember to respect other’s feelings in some (non ordinary) moments.

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I would argue with you on that one. The amount of clothing that was changed on a daily basis every morning in my house with three teenagers getting ready for school (two boys, one girl) was astronomical! :roll_eyes:

It’s a free country, like, free speech! Tired of thin skinned pantywaist snowflakes who are always offended, but think nothing of offending others. Get over yourselves!!


Must be a parent thing. When the kids did laundry voluntarily I knew the wardrobe needed to be monitored more closely for the next few days :cowboy_hat_face:

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They did their own laundry…

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Only when they were trying to be sneaky.

Like most things nothing is absolute. Schools and employers do have some discretion in what can and can’t be worn. What’s unknown, at least to me, in this case is what exactly does the dress code say? Did the school violate their own dress code or the rules established by court decisions? If they didn’t the student loses. If they did he will win. Disclaimer: Not an attorney or legal expert of any type, but I sometimes play one on sites like this.:grin::grin: