Strategic gun placement in your home

Who believes in having a firearm strategically placed in every room of their home? Here’s my living Room set up


I’d like to have such shelf:
but my wife won’t be happy :wink:


Once I get 1 or 2 more guns on my wish list, I plan to find a cheap solid handgun, probably a bunch of Hi-Points, with magnetic mounts in key points.

The same gun around the house for consistency, cheap and solid. The plus side to a Hi-point, I can also use it as a hammer…


nice plan…

The plus side to Hi-Points, should the house be broken into and guns stolen, I’d rather have cheap pistols stolen than any others…

Perhaps some rapid open vertical safes…

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@Jerzy Tell her you want “The Flag”
It’s not huge, but it will hold a couple and magazines, maybe a nice knife.
Looks good too!

(I’m still looking for someone who has a hyper pressure water cutter; CDC controlled. I can’t cut foam to save my life for the look I want.)

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I have a gun hidden in the kitchen (semi auto pistol), one in the living room (same), tactical shotgun under the bed, 2 pistols on me at all times… plus my rifle in my man cave. So yeah, I think the house is covered


My daily CCW firearms is usually on/near me no matter where I am around the house. I eventually want to get to the level of @Orpackrat and @Brian_J and have a few strategically scattered around the house in some sort of hidden (like TacticalWalls) or quick-access safe.

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Aside my edc…there are strategically placed firearms just in case

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I’ve told plenty of people, my latest method for buying my guns, Donating Plasma, regulator donations I get over $305 per month…

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They won’t let me donate plasma, otherwise I would to get some extra cash.

Whichever room I walk into there’s a gun in there - as I carry at all times when home. Maybe when I can afford more firearms I’ll do this. Until then, any home invader will be responded to within a couple seconds.

I carry all day at home or away and sleep with my carry gun. 12 ga. pump in the bedroom closet, 38 spc. tucked in the couch and a .45 in the basement.