A "Maximalist" Pistol Kit for HD (Max, not min)?

I owe this question to John292, who had posted an interesting topic “A Minimalist Pistol Kit for HD”. Much value in thinking minimal at times, for ease, less clutter, focusing on the important and budget wise, “ I can dig it” .

However, when and if one’s budget allows for more items, this subject herein asks what if/when we think about the opposite, maximum; What would you place on your birthday or holiday gift list?

How about hiding extra loaded mags around the house? That over the top? If a threat ever broke in, and I got outta bed in my “pa-jambo’s” on (I hope) without pockets, all I might have is what’s in the one mag.

Someone else mentioned a “light” on one’s firearm.

Revolvers, pistols, rifles, or shotguns are welcomed.

What other accessories, helpful items, hack-tips, and how do we keep in mind not risking children getting hurt if they find something?


We don’t have enough room or time to list all of this. Really??? :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:


The easiest way to describe “Max Pistol List” would be list everything from the other thread and multiply it by amount of rooms in the house.


Copies of every defensive handgun I own. “Two is one, one is none” the saying goes.

In the current political climate you could add a handloading press and stash of components to supply economical range ammo.

Accessories—well there a bunch of them out there but I’m a wee bit leery. Unless I figure that I really need it, I’ll leave it be.
I figure if I don’t have it I can’t break it and if I can’t break it it’s going to be more reliable, YMMV of course. I’d rather spend $$ on training with what I already own.

I do have a panic button in various locations around the house. Press it and all heck breaks loose.

More mags or speed loaders, naturally. I had a professor in college that served with the Polish resistance during WW2. He advised me that he made it through the war and Soviet occupation with only a Parabellum and 300 rounds.
So maybe it’s not what you have, but how well you can use it.


Uncomfortable sleeping with that pistol just sitting there on your nightstand? Throw a porno mag over it. Nobody will think of moving it! Hahahaha

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I wouldn’t do anything different for a pistol. It’s a pistol, it’s loaded with good ammo, I have shot it in its current configuration and am confident in my ability to use it and its ability to function, and it is appropriate for the job. A ~$500 striker fire is perfect for the role, in my opinion, maybe an optic, but even with a holster and optic and gun and slide milling it’s still “only” about $1,500 all in, likely.

But really, all in for home defense for me is

Top shelf 11.5" AR type SBR with suppressor and a 1.5x ACOG or a quality RDS/HWS, and a Cloud Defensive WML…and also Level III-IV multi multi curve ceramic plates in a quality plate carrier with trauma kit and a couple spare mags. I guess make it an 11.5" braced AR type pistol with suppressor so that it’s a maximum pistol, to stay perfectly compliant with the OP question. :slight_smile:

I suppose you could kind of do what was stated above, duplicate that pistol and put it in a concealed quick access safe in every room in the house. Even then, carrying on person would be better if you don’t think you’ll have time to go to another room. Even in the same room, if it’s more than a few feet away, you are basically unarmed anyway


Appreciate it. Finding different ways to more comfortably carry on person in one’s home, when needed, eg hip, shoulder, ankle. Love the larger first aid kit with tourniquets, large bandages, etc.

Write down in several places, including electronically, all of one’s firearms makes, models, and serial numbers, God-forbid they ever get stolen; Or for if you sell any, you have those records for legal reasons.

I.C.E. or S.H.T.F., a bullet resistant vest also helps against a stabbing, though expensive.

I remember, before I learned about our local laws allowing for firearm conceal carry, I never “owned”. Back then, I used to have to “house-sit” a relative’s large home which happened to be in a high crime area. It was a reflex for me to place a small weapon in each room, and carry one, in case of a break in, as I was alone.

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I have a panic button within a few steps everywhere in the house.
Push me and all heck will break loose. :grin:

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I’m going with some high-end AR with a 10" barrel suppressed dealing 9mm hollow points with a binary trigger, light with laser and a fancy LPVO 1-8. I’d want this on every level of the house tucked inside one of those fancy shelves that pop open with a magnet. I’d love me a nice expensive helmet set up equipped with night vision and some kind of vest next to the bed. On the vest I want a backup handgun, something fancy, with a light/laser and red dot. I want a small med kit, I want a burner cell, a big knife all placed over some level three plates on both sides. I’d like an intercom system on each level of the house. This is for the intruder. If the AR is 10’’ after a three-inch suppresser is attached, isn’t it still considered a seven-inch pistol?


Variety of ideas here, some I’ve not heard before. Of note for those newer than us, yes, hollow points — especially as they are “less likely” to go through walls, though of course no guarantees.

Made me think, we should use our security knowledge of our environment to our advantage.

And take extra care that word does not get out about our personal “set up plans”, less anyone case our home first like an inside job.


It is a pistol as long as it has a brace and not a stock, and the LOP (length of pull, trigger to end of brace, folded or at its most compact) is less than 13 1/2". Also, no angled or vertical grips on it if it is less than 26" overall length.

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I’m just a dumb red neck, I know nothing. :pray::grin::wink:


I’m pretty sure the attached suppressor does not count towards the length in any way, legally, unless the suppressor is permanently attached/welded to the barrel.

Pistol brace laws are complicated and possible changes are looming of course. Lots to read about them


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“So maybe it’s not what you have, but how well you can use it.” and I’d rather spend $$ on training with what I already own".

These are very profound statement/question! One that many, or most, should concentrate on…

I am a huge advocate that training, education and awareness are more valuable as a tool than the actual tools.


Interesting also, in thinking outside the box on safety, and legalities. We once set up video surveillance to monitor our frail elderly family member, for safety’s sake, but budget permitting, video recording and or monitors might add to a home SD kit.

If I can borrow from others’ posts: More education and training, and first aid/emergency medical kits for the home, car, and one at your job’s office.

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