Stranger attempting to walk up to you & your 70lb pitt

Im a 6ft, almost 200 lb athletic build female. I am sure that doesnt matter to a criminal willing or stupid enough. Twice this has happened(situation)…was carrying my EDC great equalizer both times. Guy, medium build; shorter stature; mid to late 20s attempts now what has been twice to get my 70lb pitt’s attention. Grateful my dog listens to commands. This was not even 7am today and honestly the guy may have been homeless druggie type as I live in Fl. Great neighborhood but the druggies live in the woods often times in some areas. Its definitely felt like he was testing/distracting my dog to figure me out. I kept walking and have both times this occurred. He didnt follow me home but it would have been an assault temp challenge had he or if he ran into my sleeping(wolf) of a husband by knocking at the door especially with children inside. Thoughts? Advice?



One thought is to report it to police every single time it happens. If they hear about it enough, they just might do something about it.

I wonder if he would bother you if you were open carrying.


*Stay vigilant.

  • Avoid area (if you can).
  • Report odd encounters to the police, even if they don’t/won’t do anything.
  • Give verbal commands if you feel threatened.
  • And never believe that someone else thinks rationally, there is no telling what dialog or fantasy is going on their heads and don’t expect them to act smart or necessarily in their best interests. This is probably the thing decent people understand the least – you cannot rationalize irrational behavior.

Exactly what I was thinking. I was rolling my eyes the first time. Now I may have to act. Most people run when they see my dog first hehe. So WHY, would a random person try so HARD to get his attention? Not even one that was trying to show flirty type interest would be stupid enough. I am honestly very careful myself approaching people in FL. Many carry. Thats why I figure the stranger must have been coming off some type of something, especially when its barely 7am but youre trying to stop me and my dog. Highly unusual social interaction…


Let the dog have his morning treat! Fresh meat is good for a dog!
I’m really tired of being told to avoid my neighborhood, my mailbox, my park, my house, my state. Soon we’ll be told to avoid our country. I’ll avoid what I can.
I will NOT avoid my castle, my grounds. My rules, enter or approach at your own risk!
I live here, creep doesn’t.

This is going to sound crazy, but does your dog understand other languages? My grandson has a wonderful strong dog, mellow as Sunday morning, with a name that doesn’t make sense, as well as commands in Swedish, this way, potential jerks/creeps can’t tell if he’s ordering the dog to sit, roll over or kill!

My cousin owned a beautiful German Shepard named Mister. Wonderful dog, he could leap 6 feet, if you lifted your arm to pat my cousin on the back, you lost your arm, as did the creep that tried to rob my cousins butcher shop, at gun point, no more arm, no more robbery. Like I said, fresh meat, balanced diet!

Creeps that come out of the woods won’t stop until you establish dominance, the dog and your stature should have already accomplished that, if not, watch your six.
If I’m a desperate homeless junkie and I can’t handle you or the dog myself, I just might recruit a homeless friend. They are not afraid anymore.

This is just a couple of cents and an opinion. We’re living “in” the prison yard not outside it. Don’t trust anyone! Be polite, be professional and definitely have a plan!


Can you take a different route? Go a different direction? Be on that part of your route at a different time each day? Don’t be predictable. Can you see him in time to turn around and go the other way? Be careful with this one if he is unstable it might set him off or he might take a hint (…maybe?) or it might just, as long as you are checking your 6, give you more distance and make it super obvious if he speeds up to close from behind that more action is necessary.

Do you take pepper spray with you on these walks (IMO, you should). Firearm just in case all crap breaks loose?


My husband said the same thing, how they work in pairs. He was super angry i didnt say something sooner but I told him what the group here is saying and he agrees!


Been there, seen that :face_with_diagonal_mouth:
Pitt works best, but pitt and body cam are even better. Some of these types want to get bit, so they can sue you.
Also, don’t get overconfident -if you come across a real criminal, who practiced violence all his life, you are no match for him or her, none of us are.


Pepperspray at minimum but gun 100% of the time


I like the saying don’t do anything with a gun you wouldn’t do without it. Trust your instincts. You got this. If he does something out of your comfort zone you may have to go out of yours to stop him. That is what my gut tells me to tell you. Call the police if you are able and he does something that breaks the law.


Im well prepared for the risk


Firearm 100% of the time


Situational awareness.
We don’t want want to read about a woman walking her dog who went missing.
Get the cops involved. You might just be saving another person’s life, not just yours.


What is a pitt? Thanks.

A dog.


Resident grammarian at it again.


Good question, Mike. She is referring to the Pitbull dog breed.

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Personally, I don’t think cops are here to protect and serve nor save us anymore, the homeless guy is the victim now! Everything is backwards!

I can’t endorse open carry, the element of surprise will always be on your hip, concealed, until it’s not.

I imagine by now you have a great description, tattoos, scars, eye color, size, weight, demeanor, PIN number and mothers maiden name…become the predator, bad word, grand inquisitor.

Log every encounter. Hopefully these were the only two encounters you’ll have. However, if you have kids, you know the meaning of silence!
Watch hands and eyes, and shoulders, you’ll know if an attack is imminent. There will definitely be more than one. Speaking from personal experience.
Never let your guard down, distraction is the enemy! He or they already know how you will react when someone approaches you and your dog, the “tell” if you will. Are you receptive or guarded?
Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness!


Amazing insight on each response. Thank you!


Female :slight_smile: