Storage of Tactical Shotgun

I want a home defense shotgun and am leaning towards the Mossberg 590 Shockwave. I have two very young daughters. I am looking for a storage solution that allows me to access the gun quickly, but mount/lock it horizontally high in a closet, where no young hands can touch the firearm. I have looked at a few different options. Some are nearly $300. That is really pushing my budget. I am looking at the ShotLock Shotgun 200M Solo-Vault. On the whole reviews for that system appear positive. I would be grateful for any other recommendations for horizontal mounts that include a locking component.

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I have the shot lock for my ar and like it a lot. No batteries or biometrics to worry about. Firearm is loaded and ready with no access to trigger unless it is opened.

I “prime” it at night for quick access by keying the numbers. If needed, just turn to open. Then reset it in the morning by keying a 5th number.


Love the Shot Lock. Simple and effective.

Stay safe out there.

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When it comes to guns, locks, kids and budgets, budget doesn’t enter the conversation. Sacrifice the pop tarts/TAX their phone usage for a month (at today’s inflationary prices, of course). Explain to the children right from the start, safety and sacrifice. It’s simple Bidenomics,
“let them pay their fair share” :face_with_monocle:
Don’t ever let the boyfriends into the house when your not present, locked or not, until the girls reach, say 30 years old???
Didn’t mean to be so harsh, well yes I did. They get ahold of the firearm and you pay a hefty price! Granted, a slight bit more than your budget!

All my children and grandchildren are grown up, so for me, on a bicycle rack above the inside of the master bedroom closet. Nothing to climb on. It will be locked when the great grandchildren arrive, luckily I have time.
$244.00 or so.

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About 10 years ago I bought a pair of wall-mount gun magnets to store a Mossberg 590 overhead in a closet. Don’t recall the brand and sold the gun years ago, but it worked great. I now have a Remington Tac14 but haven’t tried using the magnets - I just keep it in a case between my nightstand and the wall. No kids, no need to keep it out of reach.

Here’s a picture of one:
PS: You can find similar magnets on Amazon.

Not a bad option either.