Still the Best

The Adventures of Robin Hood - Errol Flynn at his bombastic best - Howard Hill performed all the stunt shooting - The Mark of Zorro - Tyrone Power - this marks the 4th time Basil Rathbone was “killed” on-screen - Scaramouche - the longest dueling scene in film history, shot in one take - The Prisoner of Zenda - take your pick: the b & w version with Ronald Colman, or the later color copy with Stewart Granger - the copy was a box-office flop.


I thought I was getting nostalgic on the “Average” age posting.


Have you read my postings on the Barry Wood folder, the .41 Special, and my e-mails trying to get the PP, CZ-83,and P232 re-introduced? I’m a nostalgia-driven individual. on self-appointed missions.

Errol Flynn, excellent Robin Hood and Priate…

Rathbone was a good Holmes… though I forget who played Watson…

The one thing Turner did that is worth praise… Turner Classic Movies.

Nigel Bruce was Watson

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Now that you post it… I recognize the name… but still do not remember him as Watson… well, wait…

Hound of the Baskervilles… I think I do remember him in that one.

Nigel Bruce - Both the film series and the radio show.