Steelhead Outdoors safes

Does anyone have one? Or experience with a friend’s?
My collection is outgrowing my current storage devices and I came across these-
At $4k they are quite pricey but the convenience is really making me think about it.

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I can’t move anything bigger than what I have, so I’ve shopped a bit, but no experience.
There are other brands with modular assembly. You might have been through them to settle on Steelhead. I had kind of been looking at:

But the market seems to have grown since I last looked.


I had seen the SnapSafe’s but not the others in that top 5. Thanks! More options are always good.
I’ve heard too many horror stories to rely solely on the reviews on someone’s own website so 3rd party & first hand are how I lean these days.


I don’t have experience with the Steelhead, but I have some with the SecureIt and StackOn that @techs linked articles mentioned.

Both are not “safes” in the traditional sense. I think the term is “gun cabinet” or “security cabinet” or “security container”.

They are not fire-rated, at all. They are also substantially lighter than a typical gun safe, maybe 100-150lbs unloaded, so you can actually move it to another room/floor if you need to. The cost is substantially lower, hundreds of dollars instead of thousands. They are still sturdy enough to prevent unauthorized access unless a thief brings in some specialized cutting tools. You can bolt them to a wall or floor to further prevent unauthorized access.

The SecureIt cabinets can be set side-by-side and also stacked on top of each other to expand your storage. StackOn can be put side-by-side, but I’m not sure if you can stack them (their name would imply you can).

SecureIt has a modular system to organize your gear inside which is really nice, not sure if you can do that on the other brands.

Typical safes (heavy, fire-rated, expensive) and gun cabinets fit different needs and one may fit your specific situation better than another. Gun cabinets are great for securing firearms that you won’t be that upset if they go up in a fire :wink: For example, an AR or Glock is easily replaced if it gets roasted. But your grandpa’s heirloom hunting rifle maybe not so much and that one you might want to keep in a fire-rated safe. I can easily envision a scenario where you keep some high-value firearms in a typical safe, and have one or more gun cabinets in different parts of the home for quick easy access.

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