Starting a gun range and classes

i was thinking about starting a range and shooting classes around Sumner, Mi but don’t know how to go about it any help would be helpful. thank you


@James1069 - welcome to the community.

From what I know (having talked with a couple of range operators here in Florida), it’s going to be a potentially lengthy process. A lot of permits, a lot of inspections (before, during, and after construction).

Indoor or outdoor range?


And all sorts of INSURANCE for everything imaginable. I would incorporate to keep your personal finances separate from the venture. Unfortunately in todays political climate you better have multiple layers of legal protection at every front.

In the “old” days we would just mow a lane or two down the pasture that ended in a dirt bank or wooded area and you were relatively safe. Now they will go after you for noise, bullets anyone claims have gone astray, chemical exposure, anything else the woke/environmental/liberal/progressive crowd might invent.


I know someone here in Texas that has a range but he’s probably tired of me @'ing him :rofl::rofl:


That was my first thought. If you can get the permits and afford the insurance, you will be a target for every environmentalist group with an agenda.

They are open after a lengthy court battles. They may be able to give you some insight.


No I’m not @Levi2 , I love helping out :slight_smile:

Yes, what a lot of folks are saying here is spot on.

LLC owns the land

Where I’m at there are no envirn groups.
There are ranges that have to manage lead abatement though.


Do you require an FFL in order to rent guns or sell ammo?