Speed or Precision?

When you’re training at the range, is it for speed or precision?

  • Speed
  • Precision
  • Both

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#What is one thing you’ve found that helps you with your speed? What about your precision?

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Both for defensive training. We usually use a timer and some steel that is just a bit smaller than an IDPA target. Anything out of the A ring is minus 1 second, a total miss is minus 3 seconds. So, sometimes speed is your enemy…

Kinda like this target: (not exactly what we use but…) Target%20idpa


I alternate, improve my precision a notch, push my speed then at that speed work to regain my previous precision.
Currently working to extend my current precision out to 15 yards, then I’ll work on increasing my speed again.
“Precision " needs a definition… right now it’s a 5” group. In a couple months, it may be a 4" group. Its probably never going to be a 1" group.
Other tasks I’m going to be working on is to get my single hand and weak hand shooting up to the standard of my two handed precision, and improving my first shot accuracy.


When I become happy with my marksmanship I’ll start adding speed.

“Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.”



When I started practicing shooting fro a draw. I did it with a crawl, walk, run timeline. I did it so many times that it became automatic. Once that happened I started adding variables.

Every know and then I go back to a walk and crawl to keep the basics sharp.


That saying is always in my head, @Michael1! I’ve started applying it to other things in my life that I’m learning (like driving a motorcycle).


Amen. That was beaten into my head when I was in the military. Even 30 years later, I still hear my trainer yelling that into my ear.


To add to the “Slow is smooth, Smooth is fast”

Fast is Fine.
Accuracy is final.