Special Treatment

Don102. SIR I WAS AT THE FIREHOUSE SUB PLACE WHERE THE REAL FIREFIGHTER MAKES SANICHES AND I WAS SHOWING THE MEMORIAL. Art work FRAMED PICTURES AND MEDALS AND PATCHES AND THE TWINN TOWERS . And everything AND I TOLD THEM THAT MY BROTHER MADE THEM AND HE WAS IS SPECIAL FORCES AND THEY WERE SHOWN AT THE WHITE HOUSE AND THEY GAVE ME A JUNIOR FIRE ENGINE :fire_engine: BRADGE AND I HAVE IT ON MY USCCA WALL WITH MY KEEP SAKES. It’s gold and I just stuck it on my picture of my m& p. S&W center fold. That I cut out of my USCCA magazine and I framed it so now I am a afisheal junior fiire fitter . We GOT Debbie ann ready for her KEMO treatments and I have EVERY ONE PROUD OF ME BECAUSE I HAVE HEROES . THAT I HAVE IN MY USCCA FAMILY SO I AM SPECIAL AND I TOLD EVERYONE I WOULD THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SERVICE. .AND YOU ALL ARE IN THERE PRAYERS. This HAS BEEN A KOOL DAYMAN KNEW WHAT THE MEDEALS WERE FOR. I . AM SO PROUD SCOTT 52 IS FAMOUS AT THE FIREHOUSE SUB PLACE AND I TOLD THEM ABOUT JOHNNY 60 sir being at the towers on that day I was just so PROUD OF YOU ALL I WAS NOT LIEN HE REALLY DID MAKE THAT AND GOT TO TRAIN WE THE SHERIFF SWAT AND HE IS MY BROTHER . I told them about . THE USCCA AND HOW WE ALL ARE FAMILY . And . I WAS VERY PROUD OF EVERYONE WHEN YOU WALK IN THEY SAY WELCOME TO THE FIREHOUSE REALLY LOUD AND THEY HAVE SHEPHERD AIR FORCES IN WF. And . I WAS PASSING AROUND MY IPHONE AND THEY WERE LOOKING ONE KNEW EVERY THING ABOUT THE RIBBON AND STARS I WAS JUST LISTENING KAZ I RAN OUT OF THINGS TO SAY BUT THEY WERE QIZIN ME AND I WAS JUST SAYING RIGHT RIGHT IT WAS A GREAT DAY TILL Debbie ann ran me over with the .F.N. YEPER ELECTRIC CART AND SHE NAILED MY AZZ. THAT WAS FUN. KAZ I WAS ACTING LIKE I DIDNOT NEED . MEDECAL ATTENTION. I CRYED WHEN I GOT IN THE TRUCK. BROTHER I HAD THE GREATEST DAY LOVE Bobby jean AND Debbie ann THE electric chair. Cart killer. THAT CART WILL KILL YA EVERY ONE SEEN ME HIT THE FLOOR. And LIKE JOHN WAYNE THATS ALRIGHT. Till . WE GOT TO THE THE THEN I WAS CRYING . Not IN THE STORE THO HAW HAW I AM SPECIAL . THANKS BROTHERS. YOU ALL MAD MY DAY. Definitely THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SERVICE . Here’s a Root Beer for all my BROTHERS :beer::heart::white_heart::blue_heart::us::us::us::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::heart::beer::beer::heart::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::fire_engine::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::cherry_blossom:Love ya all .


Root Beers back @ you Brother!
I am glad you had a great day!

Where We Go 1 We Go All


Don102 I sure did . And I picked Debbie ann out some gold ear rings she found for my to buy KAZ her birthday is this mouth . On the FITH OF THIS TIME SHE WILL BE 71. SO SHE COUNTED OUT HER MONEY FOR ME TO GET HER HER BIRTHDAY PRESENT . SHE TAKES GREAT CARE OF MY SHE IS GREAT OUTHER WHEN SHE RAN ME OVER NO ONE WOULD EVEN LOOK OUR WAY TILL I WAS NOT UP SET AND NOT A PROBLEM AND THE PEOPLE THAT WORKS WITH LAGHTING AND THEY SAD THEY SEEN THE ENTIRE THING AND THEY WERE WITNESS AND I SAID O NO HER SHE COMES AGAIN. Them electric carts are fast and vicious . I TOLD HER AT LEAST SHE HIT ME IN THE AZZ. SO I WAS NOT HURTING TO BAD ITS FUNNY . How. SO MANY PEOPLE ARE SO SCARED BROTHER . Debbie ann is not scared she was going to back over me every one was moving. And she was saying sorry and that battery cart is dangerous it was so funny . KAZ She was . Smoking my azz and PDQ. And she was not even trying to ever time she said sorry here she was again. Every one was laughing and getting out of her way .,. After every one seen I was not mad they were laughing and everyone knows us . I was so proud of my sticker they give to the kids but they are so kool I was going to put it on my guitar but I never had one so I put it on my . Center fold with my USCCA flag I have no the wall . I love the little things brother . That comes from the heart . Love ya brother Scott 52. Made me special today . BROTHER THAT WAS THE FIREHOUSE RESTAURANT BY FIREFIGHTERS AND THEY WERE LOOKING AT EVERY THING SCOTT 52 .Made . They don’t have any as nice as what Scott 52 sir makes. Every one was . Talking about it. That was so kool there proud . The customers that are firemen . They were impressed me too . I Love You my brothers .SIR THANKS FOR EVERYTHING BROTHERS .SIR ALSOME SIR A HARD DAY MADE GOODER ROOT BEERS :beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer: FOR OUR DEFENDERS US :us::beer::beer::beer::heart::white_heart::blue_heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::chile::us::us::us::beer::beer::beer::beer::100::feather::feather:

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something to try besides meds. have you heard about battlefield acupuncture? it worked wonders for me. I am off the handful of meds for PTSD, pain, anxiety attacks, panic attacks and nightmares. the 1st time I had it done to me, was at Snowmass Colorado at the winter sports ski clinic by a dr that was offering it to the vets to try out. it leaves little gold pins in your ears and they fall out after a couple of days.
later that evening is when we had our team dinner in a busy crowded restaurant normally I wouldn’t have been in there at all. but, this time I was joking , yelling at my team mates and having a good time. my wife noticed before I did. because she had another veteran on the other side of her grabbing her arm saying 'get me out of here’ and there I was acting normal lol well, as normal as I could be expected.
get with your pain management dr try it it could work.
I’m with @Don102 if you ever need to talk P.M. me


Never be too proud to allow folks or businesses to express their thanks for your service.
Graciously accept.


Don’t know if it will help anyone but I have used acupuncture and received noticeable pain relief as well.


the in the ear treatment is referred as battle field acupuncture. I have heard that some military medics are using it in the field.
edit: for the past 2 years I have been going to my local va outpatient clinic and getting 5 little pins put in each ear. the PM doctor even treats my service dog with a chiropractic tool that pin point thumps your spine, on his old hips and he’s pain free and walks better for a few days. I go every 3 weeks and it has changed my life.


When I was an LEO, there were very few restaurants to choose from in my small town, and even fewer that expected a uniformed officer to pay. If I chose one such establishment in which my meal was ‘free’, I always tipped the waitress an amount equal to what my meal would have cost if I wasn’t in uniform.


Don102. I was just thinking about BROTHER SCOTT 52. He is ALSOME VERY. I HAVE BEEN THINKING ABOUT HIS ART WORK . AN ITS AMAZING. AND SO IS HE . We .ARE. ALL SPECIAL . As we ALL HAVE A PART IN BEING AMERICANS . Even if you .WORK. At . The fast food restaurant or the grocery store . Strangely enough that’s where you can find REAL LIFE HEROES IN PLAIN SIGHT. Brother . We all need to sharpen up because we are GOING TO HAVE MORE THAN . ANOTHER 911. THEY ARE HERE IN PLAIN SIGHT. I . Sure PRAY WE . STAY SHARP. The .TERRORISTS . ARE HERE . THIS IS GOING TO BE. ALL HANDS ON DECK. Here’s a ROOT BEER. :beer: . THEY ARE DEFINITELY GOING TO ATTACK . US RIGHT HERE AT HOME. WE LET THEM IN . And we ALL WILL GET TO SERVE. Dayjawvoo. LOVE Bobby jean sir. GOD BLESS THE RENEGADES. :heart::white_heart::blue_heart::us::us::us::chile::dagger::chile::feather::feather::100::100::100::orthodox_cross:


Welcome back Greg!
You’re ‘AVATAR’ sings to me!..‘Really? Seriously?’ People here know when other’s bullshite isn’t working on me when I say those (2) little words!
Again, welcome back Brother.


Yeah, my pain management Dr. does it for me every month. The acupuncture pins in the ears that is. I’ve read up on it some, I’m not sure I buy it as I’ve heard it explained. But, bottom line, it works for me so I’m not complaining.


Xavier-D if that works for you that’s . Great . In order to get your pain . Under control!!! You . Need to think about good things and . Good times . And change your mind. !! I . Know anyone who is having trouble getting their medication is . Chewing nails right now. I have been using Yoga. !! Meditation. Deep meditation to where I can breathe out of my nose one side at a time. And in by doing this . IT TAKES YOUR MIND OFF YOUR PAIN. When you are . Changing your mind . You can lessen your stress and anxiety . There for . Reduce your pain. I. Did not say anything about not taking pain medication. I am saying that you .CAN TAKE MUCH LESS . THROU CHANGING THE WAY YOU THINK. Change the clock . That you have in your mind . Your mind tells you when it has been four hours. And then you can have another pill . Change the clock . In your mind change it . To six hours . Before you can take the next pill. Even if you . Just make it five hours in Sted of six you just went an extra hour and . Just start with little steps. And before anyone gets mad at me . What ever you find that makes you . Take less . Pain medicine is . The beginning of getting away of . Addictive medication. I definitely understand. .ABOUT PAIN. I know we may never get away from pain medication but we can. Get by on much less. I know . Pain . And I know we can handle a lot more than we even know. We. Can reclaim our lives. With out . Chasing the clock .:alarm_clock: for DOSE TO DOSE. Little steps. Even very little steps try and go just an extra half hour. And . Before Long you can go an hour. And so on. I . Have been. Injured. And . I am going to be in pain till I am dead. And I am still . TRYING TO NOT LET MORFEEN. Be the first thing that I say good day to. I got some strength from DON102. My doctor had just put me on delota. Monophone two 13, MILLAGRAMS a day. That’s 26, milligrams of . No more. Bobby jean. I took just one a day not two and on day two I took one more. And I was on my way back to the doctor and I was in so much pain . And I said . This is . The end of me I found out that this was a thousand times stronger than MORFEEN. . Just one a day for two days I was just about done and I could have taken two every day. I know about being injured. And never not being out of pain. But I will . Never be out of clear thoughts and a clear mind. The pain is never gone but I am still here . Pain is my friend . It never leaves me and it is never late.:alarm_clock: I have decided that . It’s not going to control . My life. I know when you . Can have as much pain medicine as needed. I thought about that I would have to be knocked out to have my pain under control. How can you enjoy your life if you’re sleeping. Or . Not thinking clearly. The pain is never gone and . I am . Still . Here clearly. Life is flying I don’t want to pas it. My pain and my . Go together. Every where and it never leaves me . I am never alone. Here’s a Root Beer. :beer: The pain will leave me when I get Home :dizzy::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles::heart::white_heart::blue_heart::chile::us::sparkles::feather::feather::owl::dizzy::sparkles:THANKS BROTHERS. Pain& anger are .the same…


Hey, boot! I’ve got more time on Navy shitters than you have active duty! F****** squid. :rofl:


Ditto on the acupuncture. I have Reumatoid Arthritis and my pain management doctor recommended it. I ws skeptical at 1st, being a geezer, but it really works for me


Good on ya, Brother.


We gotta stick together, Shipmate!


Daniel, I am one of those folks who never served, but say “Thank you for your service” at every opportunity. Please try to believe me, when I thank a vet, it is with the utmost sincerity and gratitude.

When I encounter veterans, I actually feel guilt for not having served, because I know the pain many are going through. No human should have to endure the things you have experienced.

Even though I never served, I feel great empathy for those who have, and will continue to do so. It’s just a part of who I am.

I am sorry the phrase bothers you, but, in the future, when someone makes the effort to reach out and acknowledge you, I truly hope that you can someday accept, that this “hollow sounding platitude” is actually given out of honor and respect.


Sir, please take no disrespect from my comment. I, sir, am just lost in my past and am trying very hard to find my way. I have lost my wife, and my child because of the things I have seen and done. The shame is mine, and mine alone.

When someone like you, who is deeply sincere with what they say, all I can do is to dredge up the things that I have seen and done. If it were not for the fact that my son gave me this hat, I would not ever have it with me.

But he managed to become a Navy SEAL and I know that he took carries demons of his own. Demons that he would not have if he was not so wonder struck by the movies and books he read about service. Thinking that he would be like me, or honor me somehow by following me down this bloody path.

So I am doubly damned.

Thank you for your support. If not for me, then at least for my son. But like so many of my brothers and sisters, we do not wish that you stood with us. We do not wish that you shared what we did. We do not even want you to remind us of what we did.

There is no honor in war. There is no glory either. There are only men and women who are both victims and survivors. I am sure that if we could, we would try all of us to be invisible to the world.

My counselor tells me that what people say is not really for me, but for them. I don’t understand that either. All I really know is that I am loosing more and more of my brothers and sisters.

Thank you for your thoughts for our well being. Thank you for your support. But one day, after saying “thank you for your service”, you walk in a few steps and turn back to see me weeping, do not take it personally.

I am just lost, and never quite came all the way home.

Thank you for listening …

Dr. T


No disrespect intended Brother
You feel what you feel and I will honor that.
God bless you Sir.



That’s what many of us are here for.

If you want to talk about something, there’s probably a thread for it , if not start one.

I’ve always felt funny thanking a military man or woman for their service, because I TRULY felt like I would be thanking them for serving so that I didn’t have to.

If in uniform, I’ll GLADLY, anonymously, pay their restaurant tab, or at least put some bucks toward it when I pay mine. Or if they are in line behind me at the grocery store, put some bucks toward their bill. There is no way that I could thank them enough with mere words.

THANK YOU for listening, and sincerely, thank you for your service! What you went through I couldn’t have survived.