Solutions are Scary (Brandon Smith on militias)

An interesting little article.

“If a solution to tyranny and collapse doesn’t scare you at least a little, then it’s probably not a legitimate solution.” – Brandon Smith

Over the top, or spot-on?


Jan-6 was a warning to all, it’s En-masse and over the top or not at all. :thinking:


best guess it will come to that. especially if things don’t change in 24


The wheels of destruction will continue to turn regardless of who is in on 24


I think this was written very well. I enjoyed reading it very much. It was very inspiring. I think it is the only way to make the USA whole again. I don’t see it as a way of taking over the country. That would be tyranny. I see it as a way to keep our communities safe from criminal gun violence and helping the weaker in our communities.


granted, don’t really think this is going to be fixed. our republic is in some deep crapola.


Make each State its own Country? :thinking:


Make this Country one big State, one America, with enforced Constitutional Rights like it should be. :thinking:


From the article.

there WILL come a time when you will have to lean on the common citizenry to maintain the security of your state. Not just from corrupt adversaries at the federal level, but from foreign invasion (or illegal immigration) as well as rioting and looting by leftist groups within your own cities. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

All I can say is yup.


Thank you for bringing this article forward.
I think it was EXCEPTIONAL and I will keep track
of Mr. Smith from now on.

there is a Troop train heading north from Mexico…
How’ they’ deal w/ it will tell me how serious ‘they’ plan to
dissolve the USA.

‘A call to arms may be necessary’(Blu states are already on the receiving end of ‘Mass migration’ and NOW they are crying foul of Puddin’s lack of decision/decisive/divisive actions…)
Too late for them Gentlemen, the fix is in and they are already over run. Sayonara!


See former U.S.S.R.


Sometimes the States are able to counterbalance bad Federal policies and sometimes the Feds can keep a State from getting out of control. Might be a good idea to keep the counterbalancing forces in place even though it can get a little messy at times.


We need to organize the MILITIA’S AGAIN! Just like this article said. THAT would counter balance all this nonsense! Not State affiliate/Sponsored
Making this country one big state… IT’S what we have NOW! Meet the new boss, Same as the old boss! Hey-sus and his (12) Buddies!


Sitting watching the news, a mob of people in a neighborhood doing burnouts and people gathering thicker and thicker. After multiple phone calls to 911 cops show up and lights are on but nobody home. They did nothing. They had a person saying that they do not care about the cops because they cannot do anything. The police responded with, we cannot do anything because of the new laws they have to try and de-escalate the situation. The people who live around there are really pissed off because of this too!

If that doesn’t bother you this might. I was shopping at a main store chain for my groceries when I was leaving and the two guys working were talking to a guy leaving the store saying, “Enjoy yourself!” When I asked them what that was all about, they told me the guy comes into the store all the time and loads up with groceries and walks out of the store without paying. He had four big grocery bags full of food. They cannot do anything about it and the LEO will not do anything either. This is so frustrating to me!

Then I hear about the rotating doors at the jails, where people are being released after committing crimes so they can go back out and commit more crimes.

I always understood that to fix a problem you need to do something. That is why the little Dutch boy stuck his finger in the dam, because it was leaking.
How bad does everything have to be before something gets done about it!


Probably when you have all ten fingers and your pecker in the dam and haven’t stopped all the leaks.


I guess you can’t say “Stuck his finger in a DYKE” anymore HUH? That would be…um…wrong :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


That makes sense because Texas is the only one that can become a country of its own and the government will never aloud that with out a war because the United States needs Texas Texas has the cost and cotton and oil gas and spring water and could take care of its self but that’s not American to turn your back on your country when it needs you the most Texas will not sit back and just watch the America burn. Never the Texas people are loil that word to the American flag and people AMAN and the flags fly side by side. Texas loves America it’s American as cow crap :poop: and very proud I LOVE TEXAS AND TEXAS LOVES AMERICA :us: :chile::heart::owl::feather::feather::bangbang::100:


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