Soldiers will be able to get the Army's Next Generation Squad Weapon – as

Another step in the march from 5.56mm to 6.8mm.


It sounds like a pretty special 6.8 with a hybrid case able to achieve very high pressures. Sounds like the military rounds will be able to defeat level 4 body armor.

Think the only negative is that the extremely high pressures and velocities will wear out barrels pretty fast unless they have found a way to better strengthen those as well?


I think it’s fantastic the army is acquiring new technology, just hope we don’t leave any behind for the enemy or in the hands of “White Rage Milley”
Can’t let that go! He left people and proprietary equipment in the hands of our enemies!
Based on current events, thinking we better start issuing these to civilians!


In a related video. Hmmmmm. :thinking:


I imagine that when a cornered rat ( or rats ) starts talking nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, it’s time to prepare! I am!
What was necessary for WWII is certainly necessary for WWIII…


You could try to buy one. According to the article, though, you might have a hard time buying ammo. Until then, I guess you could always use the rifle as a club.

I expect that over time, people in the service will want a 6.5mm rifle at home because that’s what they know and that’s what they’re familiar with. As demand increases for civilian use, we’ll get more supply. Maybe one day, 5.56 will be a niche market like .30-06 is today. I’m sure that’ll be well after I’m dead, though, considering how popular 5.56 is.


Yep. But instead the government chose a 6.8mm

$8,000 civilian version :flushed:

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I’ll learn to read and type, one day.

Nothing against you. I’d rather have a 6.5 any day.


“Good things don’t last.”

I bet that “brass” won’t be worth spit for reloading.

I’ve seen video of soldiers shooting this new rifle. Every video I have seen starts with them leaning into the gun, and by the time they stop firing, they are standing straight up.

The recoil looks mighty.

I read an article awhile back that said the cases would be reloadable. Not sure if that will be true or not or how many times you can reload them. The other entrants cases for this procurement were definitely not reusable.