Social Workers and Concealed Carry

I have a serious topic for discussion for anyone who has witnessed or felt the long reaching affects defending your own comes with.
For those who have to defend their home in a gun-friendly state, you’d think your safe and with little worry if you have justly defended your home (inside your doors). However, what about outside your doors (beyond whichever threshold)? Using Saint Louis and the McCloskey’s is an excellent example scenario.
With the “Defund the Police” movement already being a new factor, what will happen if the only responder to any owner’s property is not the Police, but instead a Social worker(s)?
How badly will the Lautenberg ammendment hurt civilly prudent, law abiding property owners?
Does the perpetrator(s) have to show deadly intent inside your home, or is witnessing an immenant mob attack sufficient?

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As always stated . fear of death or great bodily harm. Dealt with some social workers in the past. Niece was a runaway, didn’t like rules. Didn’t like their mamby pamby mew mew mew crap.



Don’t understand some of these emoji things


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@Shane6 We are all witnessing what may or may not be the reality of defending our domicile as the McCloskie’s (sp) trials play out. You can site multiple events where a law abiding citizen displayed a firearm and then were cited criminally for it. The events in Kenosha where a weapon was used in self defense (IMHO) is now a murder trial.

Unfortunately it is going to come down to “go time” and the results will be fought out in court after the shooting has stopped. The basic rule in most places is you can’t “stop” for “stuff” only in defense of your life. I have opinions on that topic which I will refrain from posting as it may incriminate me in a court of law.