Social Distancing, Masks, and Carrying

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted millions of people nationwide.

How have the changes you experienced affected your situational awareness and how you carry?


It has not changed the way I carry but you have to be aware of people who do not listen to the social distancing rules and do not even want to wear masks. And some people may wear masks to take advantage and commit crimes because they wont be easily identified.


It is amazing how I realized that social distancing with me has not changed and either has my carrying concealed but, wearing the mask is a whole new experience. I work in a hot kitchen and breathing is already hard with the heat and steam. It is like Halloween in the summer.


The eyes are the window to the soul… and the hands are the window to a person’s actions. A mask over the nose and mouth does not change my situational awareness.


I have begun noticing what other items of clothing people are wearing now. Since a facial recognition would be more difficult, what they are wearing becomes more important. I also watch body language anyway.


I stay as far away from people as I can and usually try to put a wall on one side. If that means people get in faster than me, I’m fine.

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Just heads up for the members that wear glasses like myself. When I wear my mask over my mouth and nose my glasses tend to fog up on normal situations. If you find yourself in a situation yellow pull your mask down at least below your nose. In case it goes to situation red.


My wife and I just got back from the Columbus zoo…one of the (if not the very) best in the country thank you very much… :slight_smile:

We were wearing masks and prepared for a bit more of a crowd than usual and we were shocked at the amount of people not wearing masks at all. Almost nobody :astonished:

This is why places are getting shut down again. We all need to practice social distancing and wear masks for the safety of ourselves and others.

Other than that the zoo was fantastic. We love it there and there were several new exhibits. …and baby otters…baby…otters :hugs:



Quick update - the USCCA Reciprocity Map now has information on carrying with a mask on each state’s page.


yes, in Washington state is is a requirement to wear a mask in stores and when closer than 6 feet away.


Does not change the way I carry or affect situational awareness. However, the indoor range that I go to requires masks and a temperature scan to enter the building. After checking in, you’re still required to wear your mask on the range in your lane. In order to prevent eye pro from fogging, the mask has to be below the nose which defeats the whole purpose to begin with…