Smith & Wesson Performance Center M&P380 Shield EZ M2.0 | USCCA

Smith & Wesson’s new Performance Center .380 Shield EZ offers extra features and refinements, including black, silver and gold options for the barrel, trigger and grip safety. This transforms it into a semi-custom piece at a factory pistol price — and a great-looking one at that!

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Put an order in for the silver version of this pistol a week and a half ago. Waiting for it to be delivered to the dealer. Can’t wait to pick it up. I just joined USCCA and logged in for the first time and the first article I came across was about my new pistol! How about that, cool.


Picked one up a couple of months ago Have not been to the range yet. feels great in my hand. And I liked the bling, enjoy yours

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Thanks, have fun with yours too!