Smith & Wesson mp 9 c

Thinking about eventually purchasing a Smith& Wesson mp9c anybody have experience with that firearm ? If so how easy is it to get parts for and how reliable are they?


Gen 1 or a 2.0? Either way, aftermarket support is good. Not quite the offerings you’d find for a Glock, but, M&P’s are popular guns for law enforcement and civilian use. I’ve carried a Gen 1 45c daily for almost 4 years.


I put approximately 9k rounds through a 2.0 without a single failure before I traded it. Was a solid performer for me and I never had an issue finding accessories and S&W usually has parts available for purchase directly from their online store. Fine pistol.


I want to purchase the 2.0 version of the M&P.

I’ve carryed Glock 19 for several years but I do like the M&P grip change out. I currently carry a Springfield XDS 9 mm.

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The 2.0 is, for all intents and purposes, the same size as you G19. Will probably work with the G19 holsters. It’s the same size as my 45c, and I use a G19 holster for it. Can’t go wrong with it.

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I think they are great!
If I didn’t have all these GLOCK mags already it would be a easy choice. I can confidently recommend them.

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@Zach, great choice ! Nothing to worry about. Just clean, lube and shoot ! I’d say this firearm is in top 3 with best part accessibility.

Great guns! I put a lot of rounds through a 9C. It did have to go back to Smith and Wesson because the tritium inserts in the sights fell out… Was a known issue to Smith. I asked if they could do anything with the trigger, and it came back with a great trigger with a nice reset.

The original gun had a very hard to feel reset. Guess it was a Gen 1. Smith put expired tritium on the gun… So I just painted them. Great guns, I just am not a huge fan of S&W CS.

Of course, if 1 out of 1000 guns has a problem, guess which one I pick out… :grinning:

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I EDC a Smith and Wesson M&P 2.0 Compact in 9mm. I have the 4 inch barrel and no safety. Options available are, thumb safety and 3.5 inch barrel.

First off, compact is kind of a misnomer, it’s really a mid sized pistol with a 15rd magazine and it happily accepts the 17rd full size mags, it even comes with two grip extensions for that purpose. Being a big guy, i can get away with CCing a mid to full size handgun, smaller people will have a harder time doing so.

I’ve had my M&P 2.0 for just over a year, I have about 5000 rounds through it at this point and I’ve not had a single malfunction to date. I would imagine something has got to be getting ready to wear out, but I see no visible signs of that happening any time soon.

As far as after market stuff, it has an under rail for lights and lasers, Trijicon has tritium night sights available in regular and supressor height, other companies have their fiber optic and glow in the dark sights available.

So far Smith and Wesson seems to be excluding the M2.0 Compact from their Performance Center C.O.R.E. series, but it might happen in the near future. Until then if you’re looking to put an RMR on it you will have to get the slide milled.

Any other questions?

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I have a 1st Gen M&P 9C. I have over 10K rounds of practice through it and a few hundred of self defense rounds. No failures. I shot a 2.0 next to mine and couldn’t tell the difference