NEW! — Smith & Wesson M&P 9 M2.0 Gun Review | USCCA

A great new pistol has already come out of 2021 in Smith & Wesson’s latest take on the original full-sized M&P: the M&P 9 M2.0 Optics Ready Compact pistol with 4-inch barrel. This latest M&P isn’t new, by any means, but a fine tuning of an already existing model. Sometimes — as in this case — all it takes is minor tweaks to turn a really good pistol into a superb one. And this one has something for almost every shooter.

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Not sure where we’re at, but on 04Mar2021 the S&W website for this pistol does not list a SKU for this pistol with 4.0" optics-ready and manual safety. I actually went there to confirm the article’s statement that the pistol has a magazine disconnect — I did not find that in the specs for the pistol, and I couldn’t find a photo of the right side (where the “may fire with magazine removed” warning is printed). I couldn’t get the 360° view to load. Just checkin’.

I bought my 9C a little soon. :frowning:

I now have some upgrading to do. :slight_smile: