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I recently bought a SIRT and learning how to effectively train with it. What tips can you offer <1 year gun owner and CC carry. For concealed carry, I own as my favorite a P365. I also have a Hellcat and Taurus G3C. Each gun handles differently and the SIRT doesn’t have a kickback. I am getting more accurate with my compacts, but as you all know ammo is really expensive and I am still trying to stock up. All advice welcome!


I ordered one a couple of months ago, and it is just now shipping, I can’t wait to get it. I hope it helps as much as a lot of folks say it does


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If you use the proper steps in shooting it will work to any gun you have. The trigger control can be checked by having a dot when you hit the target and not a slash. Target acquisition is another good way to check your trigger control, engaging different targets and keeping the dot to the target and not a slash.
Another thing you can practice is your draw. Practice the way you wear your holster. Take your time at first and do it right. Once you get it right then start speeding up faster and faster. Work up to full speed but take your time getting there. The practice is very rewarding. When you get to .4 of a second on a regular basis then see how many shots you can get off in 1 second.
If you work on your basics it will strengthen your basic skill set and it will really help.


Do SIRT guns try to mimic the trigger of each gun?

I’m a “new shooter” and my SIRT just arrived yesterday and I’m already totally impressed!
I got the 110 based on a Glock 17/2 (because it was cheaper) and figure the training will carry over to any handgun.
When the time comes I have my eye on a P365 XL.
Two of the biggest things to work on are grip and trigger press.
I also have a MantisX and with the feedback from that combined with the SIRT I can easily identify poor habits and hone my skills!! Enjoy!

There are two screws for setup. One for pre-travel, other for trigger pull weight.


The SIRT gun has an adjustable trigger pull. It is set to have slack then you pull back to releasing the " fire pen " laser. It mimics a normal trigger pull.


I might have to look into one of these!