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Almost every gun owner is looking for something new and improved to upgrade his or her shooting performance. One of the least expensive and easiest means of making a change to a handgun is a new front sight, rear sight or both. (These sights will be referred to as “iron sights,” although they regularly are made of another material, such as plastic or steel.) More expensive but within most people’s economic reach is the increasingly popular Mini Red Dot Sight (MRDS), which adds a whole new dimension in the arena of sight systems for handguns.

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Some of you have heard me say this before. When you need to use your hand gun you do not have time to aim. Save the target shooting for competition on the range. Put a laser on your carry hand gun and learn how to point shoot. The only thing you are looking at is the target, if you are looking for the gun sights you are not looking at the target. Point shooting is the most important part of carrying a hand gun for your protection.

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Funcycle I agree with some times you will not have time to aim and shoot in a super fast oh ■■■■ moment. Everyone I believe should practice both quick shot and practice. Cause there is going to be more time than not your going to have to aim to make shire you hit what your wanting to hit. I see both sides of this. Just my thoughts of course

Believe me with practice you will hit what you are shooting at without looking at the sights watch someone at the range that point shoots. At one time a few years back when shooting every day with a Ruger MK III from 10 yards, just as fast as I could pull the trigger. Ten rounds within 1 1/2 inch group. The thing is you can practice this in your home without firing a round with a laser on your hand gun. When you start doing this with your gun empty and without a magazine, lay the gun beside you grab the hand gun and pick a target and see how close the laser is to the target when in the firing position. Believe me to start you will be all over the place and then after a little bit of practice you will be spot on to the target. Then you go to the range and try live fire doing the same thing and you will forget that the laser is even there. If you do not want to buy a laser, just go to the range and start at 3 yards and when you can hit the target center move back another 3 yards until you are hitting the target center, by the time you get to 10 yards you will not need the gun sights. NOW GO PRACTICE


I agree with everything you said completely practice practice practice is the only way to get stronger and better and more confident in firing your weapon. In case you unfortunately ever are forced to protect your family and yourself

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Yes, It does take practice and the cheapest way is with the laser. It is called MUSCLE MEMORY.

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