Sig Sauer "blemished" 115gr or 124gr JHP's for $.70/rnd (Free Shipping When you buy 3 boxes) at the Sig Sauer Store

Thought this was a decent deal. While supplies last. Came out to $0.74/rnd for me after tax.

" Details


Unique opportunity to save on limited-run brass case blemished hollow point contract ammunition.

NOTE: The Jacketed hollow point projectiles in this ammunition are not SIG SAUER V-Crown jacketed hollow point projectiles.


SIG SAUER blemished ammunition includes minor cosmetic imperfections which result during typical manufacturing processes. These imperfections do not create functional issues; however, there may be slight performance variations from the standard spec ammunition. SIG SAUER blemished ammunition, is manufactured at the SIG SAUER ammunition facility in Jacksonville, Arkansas.

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Not a good choice for defense ammo and way overpriced for target ammo.


Mainly bought it for SHTF ammo. Better than nothing. Reputable company.


Haven’t seen any tests on this Sig ammo with whatever JHP bullet they are using in it. Some folks seem to really like the Winchester White Box JHP ammo. Some of the tests look pretty ok with it. It is going for the same or slightly lower price right now in a not blemished form.

But I also have been seeing HST and Gold Dots on sale fairly often in the 75 to 90 cents a round range if you buy bulk. I would rather spend a little extra and have some of the best rounds out there put away for emergencies or future carry needs.


In an ideal world… Buying in bulk isn’t always an option for those of us on a fixed income. Wife is already gonna scream when she finds out I spent this much. (3 boxes) to go on a shelf.

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Completely understand income limitations. I was fortunate to be able to stock up before all the inflation and supply chain craziness. With all the lost income from my little health event last year my purchases have been very limited lately. But I am slowly saving up for my next bulk practice ammo purchase. It saves money in the long run to hold off and buy in bulk when you can. You just need to make sure you or your wife don’t dip into the bulk ammo fund before you have enough saved up:)


Here’s my per round costs for reloading.

$0.113 per bullet (124 grain jacketed hollow point)
$0.028 gunpowder @ $50 per pound. One pound loads 1750 cartridges
$0.15 primer at $150 per 1000 scalper prices
$0.00 fired brass. You already paid for it when you shot factory ammunition.

So the equipment wasn’t free. Bulk ammunition mentioned above at $0.75 per round. So loading my own at $0.30 per round saves me 45 cents per round. Load 667 rounds and that pays for $300 worth of equipment.