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SIG Sauer’s new series of AR-style rifles — notably the SIG Sauer 716i TREAD AR-10 .308 Rifle — take their name from the Gadsden flag: “Don’t Tread on Me.” In fact, there is a stylized Gadsen flag stamped on the forends of the three current models, emphasizing the point. The product description reads: “The TREAD is engineered to deliver exceptional quality [and] performance and comes standard with the most sought-after features for today’s AR-platform rifles. Unlike most rifles in its class, the TREAD is easily customizable with a full line of purpose-built accessories, designed and built in the USA.” After working with the first of two TREAD models — the 716i TREAD in .308 — I heartily agree. I don’t foresee it needing further customization though.

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That sounds great!
So does your week long class in Prescott!
What do you suggest for an inch wide steel polymere pistol, you don’t have to cock the trigger, the slide and easier to slide back and fits in a belly band?
Maybe a smaller one for back up and a larger outside carry, with similar specs?
Thank you!!!