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SIG Sauer’s new series of AR-style rifles takes its name from the Gadsden flag: “Don’t Tread on Me.” In fact, there is a stylized Gadsen flag stamped on the forends of the three current models, emphasizing the point. The product description reads: “The TREAD is engineered to deliver exceptional quality [and] performance and comes standard with the most sought-after features for today’s AR-platform rifles. Unlike most rifles in its class, the TREAD is easily customizable with a full line of purpose-built accessories, designed and built in the USA.” After working with the first of two TREAD models — the 716i TREAD in .308 — I heartily agree. I don’t foresee it needing further customization though.

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Wow. I am rather a newbie; I have put all my eggs in the basket of a bolt-action Tikka Lite in .308. And a few 9mm Beretta pistols.

Now, this article as me drooling over this rifle. Wow. How much to put all of this together? (am an unemployed nuclear engineer without a lot of resources).

Loved reading about it, though. Thanks,