SIG ROMEOZero 1x18mm Micro Reflex Sight Review | USCCA

If there’s one trend experiencing steady growth, it’s red-dot love for carry guns. There was a time when red-dot users were viewed as gear-dependent. If you used a red dot, you must not be able to run iron sights, right? Wrong.

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This article is especially timely and appreciated as I’ve recently added a Sig P365XL with Romeo Zero red dot to my collection.

I’ve never used a red dot optic on a handgun before, so this really is teaching an old dog a new trick.

My big question is when zeroing, where exactly where is the red dot adjusted in relation to the front sight? Covering the front sight up? Right on top of it?

Thanks in advance.

@Dave27, I’m a total convert to red dots now. They are fast on target with just a bit of practice. To answer your question, I center the dot and adjust for that. My eye doesn’t usually see the open sights. If your OCD won’t allow for that it is no problem putting the dot on the aligned open sights and adjusting the dot for that. Remember both eyes open and train enough to see that dot when you point every time. Oh yeah, I have a 365 also and it’s my EDC now.