Shotguns of your choosing

I have made study of three shotguns. Mossberg 535, 12 Gauge, 26" Barrel. Maverick 88, 12 Gauge with only 18.5" Barrel, and the Maverick 88, 26" Barrel.

Three choke sizes: Full, Modified, and Improved. There is not and choke in the 18.5" Barrel and it can use 2 3/4"-3", 12 Gauge, your chose ammo, of 3" ammo. The 26" Maverick 88 is Modified, and the biggest one, Mossberg 535, 26" Barrel, can use a 3.5 ", has a Improved Choke, it can use a 12 GAUGE SLUG.

The reason for all this explaining, the Maverick 88’s can be controlled, with all types of ammo, they are much lighter that most shotguns, the recoil is only what you make of it and depends on ammo. Tested at a target with choke system, x3 or no chock at all. The distance is a small 50 Feet, using cardboard targets, 2.5 ’ in size. Using #4, 12 Gauge Bird Shot with Full Choke, is the only way to be effective on target or the no choke system, the shot will peppering the target, it will crumble to pieces after 3 rounds at 50’.

I care ! Someone used Bird Shot for Defensive Ammo, please not use, not wise. The bad man will be always live to tell and remember his mistakes and the good person could of been hurt or killed.


I agree that bird shot would be my second from last choice for defensive loads, right behind light target loads. I would only use it as a last resort or in special circumstances (probably never at 50’)

All shot looses energy quick and spreads fairly rapidly, even with an optimal choke for the purpose.

I’m curious, how was 50’ selected as the optimal range to pattern shot for defensive purposes?

I did a similar experiment at 10 yards. Open choke Rem. 870, short barrel. I used 00, 0, #1 Buck, #4 Buck. My conclusions for spread vs density were to use #1 Buck as my primary home defense load.

I picked 10 yards as this is the length from my bedroom door area (behind a dresser) to my living room. It is a straight shot of 30 feet. #1 Buck seemed to give me a good pattern on a sillouete target.

Even with Flight Control loaded #4 Buck, too many of the pellets missed the middle of the target. I also don’t need to worry about over penatration while firing that direction in my home. A miss with my load would have to travel 20 more feet. I doubt they would leave the house, but there is only woods outside.

Just sharing my little test. An article by Lucky Gunner studied this subject. Good read if it can still be found.


Testing a maximum distances with 3 choke systems and seeing how I could reduce the center baseball or softball center punch in the target.


I currently use 00 buck with xfull choke. Works well for me

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Mine is loaded 00, slug, 00. slugin the drum and 10 rounders, then 00 or slug in the 5’s

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Oh :man_facepalming: joy another birdshot vs whatever shotgun shell choice you choose. It’s really up to you as an individual. I use a Kel-Tec KSG Shotgun 15 rounds in dual receivers and another 14 on a mounted saddle. I choose between slug and 00 buck and can change on the fly. With a flick of my wrist.

If I have gone through 29 rounds of slug and buck I got more serious problems to worry about.


Sir, this is and was a test and only a test with 3 formats of 12 gauge shotgun and ammo; 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 1/2, 00 Buck Shot, and
your favorite, the Rifled Slug. I hate bird shot and I use only Buck Shot and Slugs.

Someone use Bird Shot on a poor man.

Thank you !

Want to shoot me a review on that? Considering purchasing one.

I put a muzzle break, larger tube selector, a combination light laser charging handle. It is by far my fav gun to shoot. 15 rounds plus 14 more on the Picatinny rail. With the muzzle brake I put on it it’s not nearly the beast it was without. It’s exactly long enough due to it’s bull pup design that it doesn’t need a tax stamps.

However Kel-Tec came out with a new version of the KSG this year that kind of makes me wish I had waited.

Lots of fun and being able to choose between the 2 receivers is nice.

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Respectfully, my testing on all the patterns I made, excluding all the many buck shot and slugs. Anyone desiring to eliminate that center load of a that blast of a 12 gauge shell would of had to of been along way off in distance. That center baseball size target hit does not exists using bird shot at long distance with direct hit on target. Or they caught the the invader by the the tail end or missing him with only the over spray of shot. They missed the intruder badly.

BTW. What ever happened to using rock salt???

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Thinking ahead, not desiring to kill someone.

Thanks! I’m probably going to adopt one. First the KSG, then the RDB… something about that bullpup design does it for me. I’ve watched several YouTube reviews, but I feel like most of them are biased by manufacturer or influenced by the opinions of other people. It’s hard to find honest reviews these days.

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Make sure you clean your gun after using rock salt. Salt is corrosive and will rust your barrel. :wink:


Well I love mine. It’s gone over 500 rounds of slugs with no problems


My current go to shotgun is my Magazine fed RIA VR80. It’s a lot of fun to shoot and is a beast for home defense. .00 buck generally.

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