Sheepdog Response Reveals how to defeat Mobs

Sheepdog Response showed me how to avoid angry mobs. In case you don’t know, Sheepdog Response is Tim Kennedy’s Company. Tim is a former Army Green Beret and U.F.C. fighter. I recently took his Situational Awareness Class taught by Will Caito, a retired U.S. Army Counterintelligence officer for 14 years.

We have had riots where angry mobs have dragged innocent people out of their cars and beating them. P.A.C.E. planning is an easy way to avoid this ever happening to you.

P.A.C.E. stands for

P: Primary - Just as planned
A: Alternate- Not as planned
C: Contingency - Moderate Duress
E: Emergency - Extreme Duress

Before taking the class, I drove to work five days a week using the same route. But after learning P.A.C.E. Planning during the course, I alternate between different routes. This way, if I see a possible threat like a mob, I will be able to avoid it by quickly taking an alternate route.

The key takeaway: If you identify threats at a distance and have at least one pre-planned alternate route and the ability to adjust on the fly, you can protect yourself and your loved ones without getting in a gunfight.


Alternate routes are a great think to know. Remember, your map app on your phone can be a saving grace as well. Get off the route where there’s a threat in any way you can and get a good distance away. Your map function on your phone can then help you plot a different route to where you need to go.


Thanks for sharing!