SheepDog Response Protector One-

I completed my 1st SheepDog Response class
We used FoxDen Solution for the shooting rage in Massachusetts, and SBG East Cost was the BjJ gym we did the combative training.

1st day was a 2.5-hour Situation Awareness class. The course is consistent with military doctrine. The information was not new to me but new to most of the 32 students. I wish we had walked around town and had the instructors give an accurate worldview of situational awareness. I give this part a B+
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Days 2 and 3 were combative training and shooting—
Four hours of Bjj training and 4 hours of shooting.
The BJJ training had the best format for those new to BjJ. Students could string together different Bjj moves-Pass, guard, pummeling, Kimora, hip bump sweep, shrimping, and many other basic BjJ techniques. It was very awesome to see everyone doing the BjJ moves and having fun. We also learned about firearms and knife disarming.
Plus, at the end of class, we did a 20 min drill broken up into 3min, all out rolling with classmates with a 30-second rest to find a new classmate. It was challenging and taxing, especially on day two when your body was trying to recover from day one. I have bumps and bruises everywhere. As I write this, I am lying down with that good soreness!!
For the Bjj combative course, I will give A++++++

Shooting day 1, the instructor went over basic firearms training. Reloading, clearing malfunction, and unloading firearms were good because many new students were getting into shooting. I went in with an open mind to see if I could learn anything new. We shoot from 3-yard. It was brilliant because new shooters hit targets with some ok groupings to build confidence.
My grouping was a keyhole; I looked like a superstar! A++++++++ for new shooters and a B for folks like me who takes training courses three times a year

Day two
We did some barrier drills, ground shooting, kneeling, seating, and prone. Remember, we are coming from an intense Bjj training to the shooting range. I was sore!! The class was educational, and I learned a few things about myself. One of the drills was pummeling for 30 seconds, running, and doing a shooting drill starting at 15 yards hitting a steel plate. My heart was on fire, and I was breathing hard. I should have slowed down to catch my breath and then shot.
I will give the last day of shooting “A” because SheepDog should supply you with snap caps for the failure drill if I pay close to 1000.

Overall if you have the budget and are a new shooter and want to learn BjJ or already training in BjJ, this course is for you. We had some BjJ folks, and they loved it!
If you understand the basics of handgun safety, shoot at least once a week or twice a months, take firearm classes, want to learn BjJ, or are already training in BjJ. You will learn something new you can add to your toolbox. No matter what, training is always good!

Good three days of training!


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