Self defense round

Looking for a new self defense round. Any suggestions. 9mm is edc

Hi @Jonathan2, I tagged you in this thread, it might have some useful information

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I like the offerings from Underwood. From my edc ammo, to home defense. Even my handgun deer hunting loads are Underwood.


I am a very active shooter and I always find my self trading with federal so I try and stick to federal. But just trying to take some different opinions maybe to help break the every day norm and great different training

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Jonathan, IMHO, any name-brand ‘quality’ defensive round should work. You may wish to try 2 or 3 different brands as some firearms are sensitive to the ammo they digest. Personally, I alternate between Federal “Hydro-Shok”, Hornady “Critical Defense”, and “Critical Duty”. The ballistics on these rounds vary and depends on barrel length of the firearm, but ALL should get the job done. Pricing for these rounds is substantially more than ‘practice’ ammo, but it would be a good recommendation to put 10 or 20 rounds of the ammo you choose downrange from your preferred EDC to assure functionally before relying on anyone of them to potentially save your life. A suggestion: Rotate your EDC magazines and ammo periodically. A quality firearm that is well maintained and any of these brands should mount a formidable defensive platform.

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