Self defense Insurance

  1. Does Delta Defense insurance cover self-defense that doesn’t include a firearm?
  2. Does Delta Defense insurance cover self-defense instructors while teaching?

John Graden


Welcome @John1257. The Self defense Liability policy does not specify the use of any weapon or any particular type of weapon. Below are some of the pertinent definitions in the policy.

The policy is a self-defense policy, it is not a professional liability policy. If during a class, you had to defend yourself, it would seem to apply. From an instructor’s perspective, you should consider a commercial general liability policy for general for general business insurance. You may want to reach out to other instructors to see what type of professional liability coverage may be available.

A. “Act of self-defense” means the act of defending one’s person or others against an unlawful,
unprovoked, and imminent threat of death or serious bodily harm by an aggressor, but only if:

  1. any force used is both reasonable under the circumstances and proportionate to the threat;
  2. the act is permitted by applicable law.

N. “Occurrence” means an “act of self-defense” by the “insured”. or “covered legal liability”.

The full policy can be found at