Self-Defense in the News: 11-year-old defends himself

This is one impressive 11-year-old!

What is your major take away from Braydon’s experience? What can you teach your kids (or anyone else) from what happened to Braydon?

  1. Property is not worth the risk of losing your life over. “Stuff” can be replaced, you can not.
  2. How did he know the pellet gun was not loaded?
  3. Are you sure it was only a pellet gun? And pellet guns can kill. Especially the ones that delivery 1200+ fps.

One of the owners (either owner or chief designer) for Condor Knife and Tool put out a call to get in contact with this kid. They’re giving him a new machete, hand delivered.

But yeah this kid took a huge risk. I hope it doesn’t go to his head.


Good for not only this kid but also for his parents for teaching him not to be a victim. And this is something that all parents should teach their kids.


I was impressed that he kept his wits about him. He didn’t freak out (yes, that is my technical term :slight_smile: )

Remaining calm definitely helped him be able to defend himself.


The kid’s got some guts… and he’s been taught to defend himself, so his parents get point for preparing him.
I think it might not really be a wise choice though - 1 kid against, what, 3? adults? I wouldn’t put most adults up against 3 adults using just a machete.
A more prudent course might have been out-the-window (presuming there was one) and call 911. Maybe that’s a conversation his parents should be exploring more with him.

The great grandbaby, when we started exploring these ideas with her last year (at age 5), had some very brave ideas. When asked what she’d do if a bad man came in her house, her take was “hit 'em!” I love her scrappy nature, but we’ve been working on a better answer… “get out of the house and run to the neighbor’s house for help.”


They invaded the home and took his phone from him making sure he didn’t have a chance to call 911. They then ordered him into the closet. When he saw his chance while the 1 was standing guard and the other 2 ransacking the home is when he laid into the guy.


@Zee and @KenM very valid points from both of you. If they can get away, that’s the best option, but if not being able to fight is important.

I’m really impressed with how calmly it appeared he handled the situation.


Never submit to an attacker that is trying to remove you from your current location or put you in a place with no exit.

When they did that there’s every reason to believe they intended not to leave a witness so I think he reacted quite appropriately.

Home defense isn’t about just simply defending your property, your life is always at stake which is why there has always been a much lower threshold for self defense in the home vs in public.