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The winter will drastically change your everyday carry gear, whether by forcing you to add layers and compromising your ability to draw your gun or by impacting a bullet’s penetration into a target. The last thing you want to do is compromise your ability to protect yourself.

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A most excellent Topic IMHO!
In fact, My Wife and I had decided to use The 9mm Norma monolithic hollow point(MHP), which is a All-Copper bullet in Our Taurus EDC CCWs. ( PT111 G2 and Slim 709 both in 9x19 mm with 3.2 bbls)
The amount of bullet expansion of The Norma Load is what prompted Us to use The Norma Ammo.
But, I Do have some concerns about the Norma Load not expanding well when having to pass thru the typical Winter clothing layers that are usually worn during the Winter. We don’t live in the Ice Box that Folks up by The Great Lakes have to endure, but We do get Our share of Winter here in The Pocono Mtns, of Pa!
My biggest worry about terminal bullet performance is over penetration due to non or minimal bullet expansion.

I am very curious as to what Others think of this issue!!