Seeing a lot of this lately

watched video of a guy at a gay parade got arrested for holding a sign???

got to say this sure seems like… did the officers involved have some personal issues or???

1st amendment seems to have been ignored here…

but the story SEEMS like just a small part of what’s going on today…

thinkin the above law needs to be judiciously applied in such cases…


Is this the incident you are referring to?

Then, another preacher named Damon Atkins approached with a sign that contained the famous words of Christ in the Gospel of John, “Go and sin no more” (John 8:11), a verse that is often ignored by leftists who like to use the rest of the story as a way to make Jesus seem like he would be accepting of sin.

Less than a minute after arriving, Atkins is approached by Police Sergeant Bradley McCune who told him to respect their event, while Atkins responded that it was public property and therefore he had a right to be there.

McClune then walked away, but Atkins continued to preach, at which point McClune and other officers return and handcuff him, while the people celebrating the “pride” event cheer as he is led away.