Freedom of Speech or Hate speech?

Today, local-citizens have been very outspoken about their feelings developing from the slaying of George Floyd. However, tensions have reached a boiling point and some fear for worse.

Shreveport Police are investigating possible “foul words” spoken on social media but none of which suggests actual acts of violence. Local activists have taken this to their arena, thus using a method better known as “Social Justice” and urge employers to fire they’re claimed racist.

While these methods may be unorthodox they seem to be working because people are losing their jobs!

Social justice groups Facebook are taking 'snapshots of these innocent victims practicing freedom of speech then becoming shamed as well let go from their employer.

I’ll cut my ‘un-edited’ opinion for you there… I would still like to know my second families opinion. While I do NOT agree with taking some one’s right and using it too make them lose their job still would like to know thoughts before finish and submitted.

Maybe I need to leave this topic alone out of fear…


I used to live in Bossier City out the north gate of Barksdale AFB. I’d NOT be going to downtown Shrevepoet during this rioting thing, and mostly avoided it anyway. There was a Crips vs Bloods war when I lived there in 1990-1992, so we stayed in Bossier…


The Ceadar Grove Riot you speak of.

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I dont agree with taking away anyone’s rights, however people tend to not think before they post. It’s a very simple problem to avoid. If you wouldn’t say it to the persons face then you probably should post the comment, meme, picture, etc…

Those people who post incendiary posts take on a certain risk with those posts.


The online mob can be terrifying. They will go after you, after your kids, harass your employer, post the address of your kid’s school, name your parents, etc. The internet brings out the worst in people.

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Although I was not the victim of their assault…

Seeing it done was terrifying! I’m by no means agreeing with their view but civil conversation should be tolerated.

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Ok, what I’m seeing on the news this evening angers me. It is using the murder of a minority by LE to justify bad, illegal behaviors. Sick.
Soooo glad I have zero need to be in a city


A mob can be a danger wherever you run into one. This is yet another reason not to share every thought you have or every move you make on a public forum like Fakebook.


The old adage of “Loose Lips, Sink Ships” is so prevalent in Today’s heavily used Social Media.

It is only now changed to …

“Making A Loose Lip Post, Can Turn You Into A Ghost!”


Talking when you want about what you want seems like free speech. Destroying things is unrelated and just fools acting out like children. Putting one’s livelihood at risk for saying what they think out loud seems like a control tactic. It is the same slippery slope of outlawing one type of firearm.



Exactly how I feel. Good analogy.

It’s a very slippery slope!

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Let’s see if applying the same question to the Second Amendment works…

Freedom to own a gun or freedom to hurt others with the gun you own?

I know, some words can hurt (the truth can hurt even when it’s given in the most supportive and loving way possible). Should some use of words be made illegal (hate/inciting/threatening speech) because of the degree of resulting hurt? How do we establish that degree of hurt?


The issue is that although I don’t agree with their view…

I believe prejudice and racism to be very much alive after all, do live in south. I’ve seen some very hateful and disrespectful words and actions by all ethnicity. BUT when others are losing their job and are called out in name of social justice, it tends to ruin actual justice.


Shreveport was one of the last cities to succeed to the Union. Imagine the racism that exists here.

It’s sad. I pray for a change of heart. We must love in these times. Hear the unheard, and stand up for justice for ALL.

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The 1st Amendment should follow the same rules of law that is applied to Defamation of Character lawsuits.

If the statements made against ones character by Defendant (person(s) who stated and/or published remark(s), public or private) are fact based and provable by the Defendant to be true and warranted, no Defamation has occurred.

BUT, if the statements made by Defendant(s) are fully, or any part thereof, found to be false, misleading, derogatory or wrongfully applied with or without intent to harm physically, mentally or financially, the Plantiff (defamed person), and of what such losses can be proven and/or deemed most probable cause of prior, present or future losses of the Plantiff (defamed person), then Defamation of the Plantiffs character is adjudged and such proven losses, to include legal fees, court costs and all expenses to bring this action before the court, are to be awarded to the injured party.
In addition, at the discretion of the court, an allowance of punitive damages can also be assessed by the court, up to, but not to exceed, 7 times the actual proven losses.

Wouldn’t this be GREAT if it could be APPLIED and ENFORCED against all of the lefty lying mainstream media? :laughing:


Need be, persons are able to sue.


Remember, I could sue you for farting in my driveway but that don’t mean your in some sort of civil violation [By the way, my conversation is spoken out of humor, not meant to be taken as being disrespectful].


I made a remark about the protests in our town on FB. People attending and claiming they were going to be protestors were inviting violence as their protest. I made the remark, " God help those who get violent". And was attacked as being racist by several on the thread.
Those kinds of people will take your apple, call it an orange and sell it to their bubbles as racist with some obscured reference having nothing to do with it.
Yeah, they’ll threaten to come pay you a visit if you outwit them. I don’t let it get too far, but I will stand up for what I believe.


I stand with Michael Render on this (BKA Killer Mike). I heard him say in the past “I may not agree with what a white supremacist has to say, but I will defend his right to say it.” What is hate speech? Strong or bold language that offends someone who happens to hear it, anything controversial out of The Holy Bible that is against liberal ideaology, so on & so forth… :thinking:

I don’t like the idea of folk losing their jobs for saying something racial or misogynistic. The problem is- who decides where that line is? Is it a fixed point or does it slide based on certain factors? Now, I will say I think politicians, judges, & law enforcement should be held to much HIGHER STANDARDS than the common man or woman (for obvious reasons).

Growing up in the South, I’ve experienced some stuff. But, I prefer to know who I’m dealing with. Did yall see the video about the white high school boy & girl with the racist tik tok post? I posted a comment under the video on YouTube where I said something like I appreciate their honesty by being brave enough (albeit on social media) to reveal the contents of their hearts. Once you know who someone is, deal with them accordingly. We should thank them. Now, move forward!

I appreciate the post @Randall318. This censorship thing, especially with social media platforms, is very dangerous. Do yall really Mark Zuckerberg deciding what’s appropriate for you? :joy::v:t5:


Thank you for those thoughts @DLVick38!

I’m with you. Censorship is very dangerous.


Agreed. To censor my speech will require at least 1 well placed JHP…

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