Security 9 Safety lever

My EDC is a Ruger Security 9, which has a very small safety lever. Now, I like a manual safety but I’m having a problem with this one. The lever is very small, and maybe I have short thumbs, but when I have a proper shooting grip I can’t reach it to move it off of safe. If I shift my grip to where I can reach it, my trigger finger is now in position to tilt the muzzle left when I press the trigger.

Carrying in battery without engaging the manual safety on a gun which was designed with one doesn’t sound safe. Using to hands to draw and release the safety is only barely better than having to rack the slide.

I don’t know if there’s anything to be done about it. Maybe I’m just venting. My goal is to be able to draw, release the safety, acquire the target, and fire, and to make it seem like a single, fluid motion. I thought of trying to extend the lever but there’s not much there to begin with, and that job would be beyond my tooling and skills.

Any thought or suggestions welcome. Two bit opinions cheerfully considered.


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DA/SA firearm seems to be a solution… long first pull works as good as manual safety.

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I carry a security 9 on occasions I really dont have problem with the manual safety but better to carry with safety off like a striker fire first pull is hard which acts as a safety. I know the security 9 is not a striker fire it actually has a hammer but it is quite safe with manual safety off. Good luck

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Geez, I should have never started this conversation.

Now I’m looking at other aspects of my Security 9, and the magazine release button is an issue. I have to dramatically shift my grip to reach the button with my thumb, which is the case with all left-side-only mag releases.

I guess what I need is a pistol of similar dimensions to the Ruger, but with an extended safety lever and a right side or ambidextrous mag release. Or full ambidextrous controls.

Oh, and someone else’s bank account.:wink:


Look at the 2.0 M&P Compact. It is very similar in size to the Ruger, and has a larger safety lever. I wouldn’t get rid of the Ruger, though. You could, down the road, pick up a Ruger PC9 Carbine. A pistol, and rifle that share magazines can be a handy thing to have.


The PC9 is fairly high on my wish list.

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I have the Security 9 and think it’s a great shooter. I’ve actually never carried it though.
I have the very cool little PC9. It will take those whatchacallem thingamajigs oh yeah Glock magazines with an easy mag well change.


The S9 really is a great shooter for me. That’s one reason I really want to improve it. Ruger service just told me that the magazine release can’t be reversed to the right because the catch on the magazine is on the left.:unamused:

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Bean curd.

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Did you look at SIG P320 (Compact/Subcompact/X-Carry) with thumb safety? They are ambidextrous and mag release button can be swapped to right side (if needed, maybe your thumb will reach this button)

I LOVE my 320 subcompact! It’s a great carry gun.

I only have the M17 version. I’d like to try a sub. It would have to be great. How does it cut down the weight?

Sounds like you want to look at the Ruger SR9

It’s ambidextrous (except slide lock)

Thanks, @RocketPak. I’ll look at one first chance I get.

I’ve got an SR9c that I pocket carry. I like it allot.