Second Shift

I work second shift, which with my schedule has me leaving work around midnight. My situational awareness is heightened especially if I have to stop somewhere on way home. Any suggestions to what I should add to my training during my early morning commute or possible stops?

I’m still modifying my plan. Still haven’t found a car safe I like since I can’t carry at work.

I have a small safe that has a cord that wraps around the base of the seat. It stays hidden under the driver seat. It has a lock and fits my P365 in a sticky holster and an extra mag. A well prepared thief may be able to get the safe out but a smash and grab job would have a chance.

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Can you get the majority of your stuff done before work?

Depending on where you live, having multiple ways home and not taking the same route through a deserted area at the same time of night could be helpful. You don’t want to become a known target in any area.

Whenever I’m out late at night or very early and have to stop somewhere, the surroundings are key - is it well lit, are there other people around, are there police officers in the area?

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I used to work operations on 2nd and 3rd shift in a hospital computer room. I always stood at the door when the 3rd shift person arrived and they would do the same for me when I left, that way no one was alone in the parking lot. The parking lot at that time of night was usually empty, if there was a strange car in the lot a call to security would get it checked. out.

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Sometimes my wife calls me needing me to pick up something from Wal-Mart. That parking isn’t that well lit. The ones here in Cookeville aren’t the best illuminated places at night. My head stays on a swivel on those trips.

Dawns got the majority of it. Get your shopping done on days off. Buy dry and canned during the ride in if you need to.

When you’re pulling out of your garage going to work, check your lights, high beams, turn signals, brake lights no sense leaving those to late at night when you NEED them. Get GAS on the way to work, even if it means getting only a half or three quarter tank to cook during the hot afternoon.

Get a high intensity LED lamp that has a reliable thumb switch on the end you can use intermittently or set on. Now a days you don’t need an 8 cell D size mag light to blind someone… that said a LED three cell C Maglite might be a good baton.

Get a bag or back pack you can carry most everything to and from the car and DON’T BE AFRAID to drop it and leave your hands free. Have your keys out and finger on the remote door or car alarm.

There’s likely loads of things you’ll come up with if you give yourself a moment to think about it… or two minutes for the next message to come back!

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This is the safe I bought for my car. I just tethered it around the seat rail and slide it under my drivers seat.

I also bought an extra cable for it so if I need to use it elswere I don’t need to undo the cable already in my car.

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Hornady Rapid Safe

I had my tac pen and knife on me tonight. Wilk be looking at car safes this weekend.

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