Scope Mount Height

I’m looking at a getting a new LPVO. It’ll be a more multi-purpose rifle prioritizing CQB. I see people talking about mount heights, 1.5, 1.7, 1.9 etc and was curious what people have used and prefer.

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IMO, if you want to prioritize CQB, you won’t get an LPVO. Better to get a red dot or holographic. Or a fixed very low power like a 1.5x ACOG (TA44 for example). The LPVO pay a decent penalty in weight as well as eyebox

1.9 is high. Like, very high. Seems to me that guys using night vision who need to see through the optic heads up with the nods on go 1.9 and some others who think it’s cool follow, I don’t really see the application other than that, myself.

1.7 is already pretty high, well into “lower 1/3” area. You might not be able to get an actual cheek weld at higher magnifications or for more carefully aimed shots with 1.7. But it is better for the ‘CQB’ with a 1x

1.54-1.57 or so is an absolute witness height, you can surely get a legit cheek weld for higher mag/tighter eyeboxes/more precise shooting with this height.

Also IMO/IME, you can shoot “head up” with any of these heights, by simply bringing the rifle up to your face instead of dropping your face down to the rifle. If you’re talking a 5.56 or similar rifle, it’s not like have to have the entire stock squarely into your shoulder pocket all hunched over leaning into it to handle the recoil or anything.

So for me, including on an LPVO rifle, I go 1.54 range.

But if you really want the “heads up” 1x CQB priority, and will accept a bit of “chin weld” for the other, you may want more of a 1.7

I have used all the heights with RDS, HWS, flip to side magnifiers, every model of ACOG, accupoint 1-4, Kahles 1-6, Razor 1-6 and Razor 1-10

I don’t really care for LPVO for me and my applications, but of them all, the only two LPVO I’ve owned or used that I would go out and buy again, are the Vortex Razor Gen II-E 1-6, or the Trijicon Accupoint

But I would also recommend you consider an ACOG and a 35* offset RMR/Holosun. Or a Vortex UH-1 tactical mailbox and a flip to side magnifier, or an Aimpoint or Holosun RDS with magnifier, or an LPVO with offset micro dot.

The Arisaka offset that can be 35* or 45* for an RMR or a 508T is very slick


Example of an LPVO alternative

The ACOG TA11 is a 3.5x with a wide field of view and good eye relief/eyebox, dual illumination, etched reticle, choice of reticle color and design…and with that mount it’s only 16.5 ounces…that’s optic and mount barely over 1 lb.

The offset micro dot is about 3.5 ounces. So, we’re talking true unlimited eye relief red dot sight 35* offset (slick as snot to use) AND super durable always illuminated battery and electronics free 3.5x primary…for a grand total weight of 20 ounces. Less than a bunch of the LPVO’s weigh withOUT mount

I sold a Razor and a Kahles to do this instead, FWIW

ANd if you really want ‘CQB’ priority, put a TA44 on it and drop the offset…now you’re at 8 ounces for the optic and that’s it. That little 1.5x ACOG is stupendous

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Hey Nathan thanks for the thoughtful response.

The rifle setup I’m looking at would be my first suppressor as well and ideally a multi-purpose build. My experience with my Vortex Strike Eagle agrees with your thoughts on CQB but I could afford to train more as well.

The eyebox and field of view are definitely a variable to deal with and there seems to be many opinions from YouTube reviews about what’s good and what’s not. Part of me is leaning towards the new Primary Arms red dot with BDC and a 3x magnifier but I feel like I could be selling myself short by not going with an LPVO. It could just be in my head too.

The ACOG suggestion is interesting. I had dismissed it prior as a buddy of mine was in the Army and didn’t think too highly of it. What’s the learning curve like to imploy something like an ACOG or even LPVO with an offset red dot? What height mount or riser do use at 35*/45*?

When possible, I try to align mine with iron or similar sights, particularly when I can flip them up and down.


Be sure to nail down which ACOG model a persons experience is with. Eye relief and feld of view vary considerably. The 4x32 is the super short eye relief one which some hate due to that, but weight and FOV are great for a 4x. The ta33 3x30 is pretty popular but has a tiny field of view. Both are light, and the 4x32 has a wide FOV. The TA44 has the widest FOV of all ACOG models and is like a red dot but, well, better.

Try to get your hands on a rifle with an ACOG mounted if you can.

The way I see it, pros to ACOG are high quality glass that is bright and clear, better durability than any adjustable scope could hope for, no battery, no electronics, light weight.

LPVO pros are more available magnification and available powered reticle illumination.


I’ll add that 50-60 years ago that a fixed 4X scope was just fine for hunting. I’ve taken a buck at just over 300 yards with a 4.5x14 scope at the lowest magnification off a bipod. He was walking towards cover and I didn’t take the time to turn up the power. You won’t be able to shoot the best groups at longer distances, but you won’t be as limited with lower magnification as some people believe.


Don’t know about the quality of this brand, but these types of combo sights do exist.

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I like to keep mine as low as possible, but Nathan57 summarized it well. Nice job!

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I spent a lot of time researchimg different stuff and watching videos. My buddy has a 3x fixed scope, eye relief was rough. I decided on the NightForce NX8 1-8. The reticle is very minimalist and is very much like a red dot at 1x. Eyebox seems decent, now Im just trying to find the right place to attach it on the rail.

I also bought the Scalarworks mount with the self-leveling screw and that made it very easy to mount. I also got their KICK offset mount that attaches to the side of the scope mount and can hold a Trijicon RMR. Its very minimal to adjust between the scope and the rmr.

Thanks again for the feedback.


I haven’t had a NF before but hear good things, I have had that Scalarworks LEAP mount and it is, IMO, the best choice on the market. LIGHT, and the level screw is a great value add

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I bought a little Rossi 22lr. I got a 3x9 scope & bought high rings so I could still use the open sights. With a plinker, I will use both

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LPVOs are great for both close range and being able to push longer distance shots. The reality is LPVOs are to rifles now, what red dots were to handguns. Soon, I think we will see everyone transitioning LPVOs to their rifles (In fact, it’s already happening). Same use as a red dot, but in most cases, they offer a bigger field of view.

The height of the mount is going to depend on you and how you fit the gun. Do you have friends that may allow you to shoulder their rifle to get an idea? I do know from my experience, that slightly higher mounts such as the 1.7 or 1.9 make it easier to shoulder and not force your head down too much to see clear through the optic.

Personally I don’t think LPVO will takeover to that extent, because of price + weight. But it totally depends on what the person wants the rifle to do. For self defense/home defense and the like, magnification is simply not needed, so a lighter and less complex optic is still going to have a big appeal.

FOV to me is unlimited with an RDS since both eyes are open. Although an LPVO on 1x that has a good true 1x is pretty much an unlimited FOV also

After starting this thread I did even more research. The purpose of my new rifle was basically a do-it-all rifle to run suppressed.

I landed with the Nightforce NX8 1-8. I got a 1.57 Scalar works mount with a 45-degree Scalarworks mount that attaches directly to it for an RMR. Between Nathan’s feedback and others it seemed like the taller mounts are great for standing or even kneeling but shooting prone was not great. The 1.57 seemed to be the do-it-all mount height.

I ran some drills with it last weekend and I could easily transition from standing, to kneeling, to prone, and back very easily. I didn’t need to change buttstock position either.

I’m considering a .300 blackout rifle for home. For that I would likely go with a Trijicon MRO or Eotec.

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New highs in lows :rofl:

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For my 22lr, I used high rings so that I could still use the nice fiber optic open sights that came with the rifle. I can break it out at the tactical pistol range & shoot the little spinners etc. Too much fun