School of the American Rifle

He folks, Some already may be aware of this series on You Tube. Check this fellow out if you like to fix your own ARs. I have been working on mine for quite awhile but have sure learned some stuff and became aware of some tools and Techiques.

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SOTAR does a lot of awesome diagnostic videos on youtube. im going to try to get into one of his build/cert classes in the spring


YT link and/or video missing.

he does a LOT of build diagnostics and troubleshooting videos. BCG efficiency tear down videos etc


Thank you!


School of the American Rifle

Mr. Albrecht knows his stuff. Sadly he has those pin gauges custom made. the only way you can buy them is after you’ve been a student. He has a closed FB group specifically for supporting former students


I took to Bing watching his videos. Yeah, would be nice to have some of those gauges. But for sure has gave more understanding of the whys and what Fors on my rifles. :us:


I’ve taken one of his classes, vary knowledgeable dude.


Nice. Thanks for sharing.

Where are his classes offered :us:

hes based out of Maryland but he offers on the road armorers courses at major manufactureres from time to time. I know hes done his course for BCM a couple times

Cool deal! Thanks

The class I took was at his place in Maryland.


Thanks, at some point if there are none being held closer would look into his home base

I just watched the one where he is showing the student workbenches, would like to model my bench after his, it seems I need a few more items for mine. I have gained a lot by watching the videos. I can imagine what I would learn physically being there :us: :us: