Ruger Blackhawk Convertible 357/9mm

Good afternoon folks~ I did a search and didn’t see this specific revolver covered. Does anyone have a background with this revolver with the 4.62 in barrel and have pros or cons that they are willing to share? If so, any issues with this specific revolver? They are hard to find, but I am interested in possibly purchasing one should I come across it in the future. Thanks in advance~ Chuck


A Blackhawk is a Blackhawk is a Blackhawk. I hunted with one for many years in .45 LC.
and .357.
I could see an advantage to have 3 different calibers in the one gun.
Ruger shows the barrel length to be 6.5 inch’s. Ouch on the price.
Good luck on your search. :us:

  • MODEL NUMBER: 0318


  • Grips Black Checkered Hard Rubber

  • Barrel Length 6.50"

  • Overall Length 12.38"

  • Material Alloy Steel

  • Extra Cylinder 9mm Luger

  • Capacity 6

  • Front Sight Ramp

  • Rear Sight Adjustable

  • Twist 1:16" RH

  • Finish Blued

  • Weight 45 oz.

  • Grooves 8

  • Available in CA Yes

  • Available in MA Yes

  • UPC 7-36676-00318-1

  • Suggested Retail $899.00

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Thanks Bruce26. I’m keeping an eye out for the shorter barrel model and they’re hard to come by.

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Remember the old days when a person could order a gun from your local shop that sold the brand you wanted?

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I’d imagine finding 9mm moon clips would be “interesting”. Oh wait, Blackhawk! Never mind.

9mm was never made to index off the mouth of the cartridge which makes one wonder how they figured out the cylinder chamber cut?



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I had one of the Old Model Blackhawk Convertibles but rarely used the 9mm cylinder. I gave it to a family member years ago. I have always had a soft spot for the single action Rugers. I still have a Single six convertible, but the .22 cylinder sees little use. I prefer the .22 WMR because it matches my model 9422M which is my primary squirrel gun.

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