Room Sweeping With Nerf Guns

Ok so you might think this is crazy but as a way to have fun with my daughter and teach her the benefits of team work and gun safety, we’ve come up with a decent course that we run at night and during the day on my off time when I’m not working 12 hour nights and days. I purchased several different nerf guns a while back, a sniper rifle, a tactical shotgun, single shot pistol, rifle with a small scope and ect. I was amazed to find out that my light I bought for my g19 also fits comfortably on the top of the shotgun nerf and my baby daughter has a blast waiting on daddy to check each room and collecting each shell once we’ve cleared a room. It’s mostly just for her but I do feel like any training when it comes to movement techniques and weapon placement can make a world of difference once presented with a real life situation. Would love to hear what you guys do to practice at home when you can’t go to the range or just can’t afford ammo at the time.

Thanks so much everybody!

Landon Bolts


:+1: Any training you do is way better then no training. You may be surprised at how much she is learning. I am sure she will remember this forever, you sound like a good Daddy. :smile:
P.S. I shoot the Daisy BB guns in the basement and Nancy bought a CO2 pistol, I use it to draw and shoot into a large cardboard box.


That is awesome. Doing what you love with the people you love to do it with happy Thanksgiving…



What about the firearm weight, different trigger press, stress… everything is completely different from reality… Do you really want to clear you house with daughter? :zipper_mouth_face:

Eh… I’m just kidding… this is actually awesome idea and I believe a lot of fun for kid.
Remember - we, the older generation, had this kind of fun everyday… and not only at home.

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I like it! Just like when fighters shadow box. Envision an opponent and address the threat as you visualize the emotional and possibility of a real situation.


That’s the coolest daddy-daughter time I’ve heard of.
BUT, did you spread Lego’s out on the floor to step on barefoot in each room before you cleared them? Gotta make it a REAL scenario. :rofl:


Just posted on another thread how my son and I often have laser tag wars but we also do Nerf wars occasionally as well. My wife will even join in some times.

It is a good opportunity to teach trigger discipline and not pointing the guns at your own team mates or anyone that isn’t playing. I’m not really focusing on teaching any tactics but he and his friends are naturally learning the advantages of cover and team work. They are getting better and it is getting harder for me to sneak up on them or catch them in bad positions. Whenever things get sketchy for them they retreat to their safe area where they have good cover and extra ammo ready which is exactly the plan for a real life defensive encounter in our home.