Road rage gone wrong

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"A Federal Post Office Police Officer saw the fight and held both drivers until DPS Troopers arrived. "

So that’s why the post office needs police officers

lol, the best part of the article IMO. Little nugget of surprise


I agree, I busted out laughing and my wife came in asking what was funny? she said dammit you mean I could’ve carried. she was a postal delivery worker, until it started taking a toll on her body. I think she said she used to walk 10- 15 miles a day on her route.


I like his shooting stance. Maybe he can continue practicing while he is in the slammer for a few years.

The other guy, backed into a wall, not good. Why step out, why not put the car between self and the hothead?


“Road Rage Gone Wrong”…does it ever go right?


Yeah, if the road rager draws down on the wrong target and gets wasted for his rage. I consider that a road rage incident gone right. Kinda like one drug dealer killing another drug dealer. We used to call that misdemeanor murder. Two bad guys off the street for the price of one trial.

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