Another road rage incident

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Does anyone ever leave the house and not experience this from someone (shooting aside)? I don’t. A driver cut us off yesterday after getting herself into a turn only lane when she wanted to go straight. I left her a ton of room, but she waited until the last minute and then cut us off. She cut in behind a cop and in front of me. The cop did nothing. She turned into her neighborhood giving us the finger the whole way.

As I’m fond of saying, “people…the worst!”

This story is a terrible one and we hear about them daily, or so it seems.


If you didn’t want to read the whole article, I’ll summarize it into single advice: “Put more distance between you and the road rager”.


People drive like buttheads. I have nothing to prove in a vehicle, so I end up at my destination alive. Knock on wood.


Road rage: Not worth losing my CCW permit.