Rise armament or Timney triggers

I’m still waiting on my rise armament 434 trigger but starting to get second thoughts about it from some of the reviews I have come across. Was originally looking at the timney competition single stage 3lb trigger. Looking for any imput before I install it when it gets here.

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I’m a fan of Rise Armament. I’ve put their triggers into all of my rifle builds and won’t consider using anything else. I’m a fan of CMC triggers as well but they too can be pricey. I’d try to opt for single stage with anti-rotation pins or springs. It really makes a difference. My personal preference is flat faced or slight bow triggers but that’s all preference.


I’ve only seen positive stuff on Rise or even Timney, where did you see negative reviews?

Harvey don’t recall were I seen the review. I have been looking at so many different sites I couldn’t say. They were saying from what I remember over travel and reset. Play in the trigger.

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Midway has Timney on sale now. Just got the email.