Trigger preference

I just received my lower and been looking at triggers. I have been looking at drop in and the basic ones. This can be very confusing at times when you thank you found one. The 5.56 build is mostly range time both indoor and out door for distance and home defense. Any input for the triggers and lower parts would be very much appreciated.


I like Timney triggers, been around since the 1940s.



Trigger cost vary up to several hundreds of dollars. As @larry84 said Timney are great. Geissele are highly rated too. I prefer flat triggers and would get the Geissele SD-C if I we’re building an AR.

Single stage vs two-stage needs to be considered as well.

All of the trigger features come down to features you want and personal preference.

Triggers are a very subjective and individual choice. Everyone has their favorite.

I agree with @ScottH in your first choice is 1-stage vs 2-stage. Generally folks prefer a 2-stage for precision shooting and 1-stage for defensive use, but many folks prefer the opposite.

After that you’re going to google “best ar15 trigger” and wade through a bajillion (thats a real number) articles, forum posts, and youtube reviews.

Here’s one that has a pretty good list of triggers and descriptions/video that show how they work

For my part, on the lowest of the low-end is the default mil-spec trigger. They arent usually very smooth, have a lot of creep and are single stage.

An inexpensive (not cheap) option is the Palmetto State Armory’s Enhanced Polished Trigger (PSA EPT) which when available and on sale is < $50. Its a single stage trigger.

I have never tried one, but I hear the ALG ACT is a good single-stage trigger ~$75

One of the top (the top?) brands is Geissele. Their SSA is a dream in my opinion, but its super pricey at $240. I picked one up last black friday for $160 from PSA. It was/is a steal at that price. Its a two stage trigger, but if you want to you can just pull straight through as if it was a single-stage. They have an SSA-E which has an even lighter trigger (too light, IMO for anything other than long-range precision), and several combat triggers with flat or curved trigger faces.

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I have tried a lot of different triggers in a lot of different firearms. Timney is one that I have always liked in any firearm I used one in. I can say that I have not been able to find any trigger better than a Timney. I have seen one or two that are as good as a Timney. Timney is the “Gold Standard” when it comes to triggers.


I have the SSA(E) in my rifles. Looks like they have added some options to the inventory

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Just because I’m in a feisty mood…

Binary Triggers.

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Check out Rise Armament. Great quality and affordable, $100.00 range. Optics Planet is where I purchase mine.

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I purchased a armament 434 on sale midway USA for 129.00


When you get it, would love to hear your thoughts on it, especially if you can compare to others on the market.

Oh… yeah. I’m in…