Rhino-Inspired Revolvers

This has been around for several years, now - I’d like to know what’s gone on behind the scenes since it hit the market. With its unique features, I’d be surprised if a maker like Ruger hadn’t dissected and puzzled over it, given the fierce competition in the industry - maybe in 2025?


According to Wiki, the Rhino was designed by Emilio Ghisoniand Antonio Cudazzo. Ghisoniand also owns the US patent for the Rhino.

Ghisoniand’s designs for revolvers dates back to the 70’s. Here’s a pick of the first design:

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Mateba MTR-8 (8 rounder):

He later made an “autorevolver” (Model 6 Unica Autorevolver):


Pic of numerous revolvers designed by Ghisoniand (not mine):

Mateba has a number of firearms available, but they are expensive. They also have a 44 magnum version: https://www.mateba.us/

The Rhino is one of the more affordable options to get a Ghisoniand design.

There are a number of YT videos that talk about shooting it. Although the ones I put more weight in are Hickok45 and Jerry Miculek (both S&W fans).

I stopped listening to YankeeMarshal awhile ago, but he has a number of YT videos on the Rhino, as it is one of his favorite EDC’s:

According to Miculek and Hickok45, gripping the Rhino takes care since the cylinder gap area is closer to your supportive hand’s thumb.

Personally, although it wouldn’t be a better performer, I would love to see some affordable top breaks that could handle the 357 magnum like the Anderson Wheeler 7 shot 357 magnum:



Or even the MP-412 Rex:

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There’re many handguns I’d like to see resurrected and offered in modern designs - the H & R 999 “Sportsman” for example - a break-top, 9-shot .22 with an auto-ejector. I e-mailed Kahr to propose a full-sized, all-steel .380 - a blow-back design along the lines of the “Baby Desert Eagle” - no-tools takedown, with a CZ-lockup. Don’t know how these makers’ marketing departments function, but I’m fearless when it comes to speaking out to share ideas. FYI

I know there are a few on the KahrTalk forum that have been asking for a K45 and/or T45 (both steel) for years… and they came out with a P9 with a light rail instead. :frowning: