Republicans Introduce Bill To End FBI, ATF ‘No Knock Raids’ On Gun Owners


They should introduce a bill to abolish the ATF and reign in the FBI.


Let’s not leave out the DOJ…


Let’s be honest. Republicans are just “Virtue Signaling”

They know they can build up their street credibility by doing this, since the anti 2A forces would never let this pass. It’s just a bunch of “Sturm UND Drang” posturing and is signifying nothing.

It actually p!$$e$ me off. It’s an insult to my intelligence. If the Republican Party had ever wanted to pass pro 2nd Amendment laws they could have done it during former POTUS Donald J. Trump’s years when the Republican Party had a super majority.

This is just a sham.


I like their intention but they must know the President will veto this immediately. Unless they’re playing it smart and they’re going to tie it in with something he wants badly. They should’ve waited for DeSantis in 2024.


Thats a better Idea than the no knock deal :us:


Every part/all parties are guilty of this. When they either control nothing or only control 1/2 of the legislature, they put forward bills that they know their core base will love, but also know have 0 chance of ever going anywhere (won’t hit the POTUS’ desk). It’s always exactly what Zavier_D said. Another example would be a national concealed carry reciprocity being introduced in our current Congressional situation.


ATF might knock politely, but still burn your house down while you’re in it.


I think this is a step in the right direction if it encourages responsibly, armed to fight, criminal gun violence.

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When do we start introducing bills to introduce bills to introduce more bills. We’ve had enough bills. Either send me the receipts from all these bills or just follow the laws already on the books.

Or try reading the constitution again, it’s all in there, from the border to the impeachment and the clear and present danger this administration poses to the citizens of the United States!
We don’t need anymore committees, nor question and answer sessions, where we know they will lie straight to our faces or claim we can’t comment on ongoing investigations! Too many clown shows!

So, I’m introducing a bill that says, if I identify as being dead, I don’t have to pay taxes? As a matter of fact, if I’m still gathering my information for the tax man, is that not an “ongoing” investigation? Can’t release any information at this time! We can all play this game!
If you can identity as a woman and participate in sports and win medals…
It’s time we fight fire with fire or use their own rules against them!


I talk to my Congressman and I had made that exact suggestion about it to get ther


The latter might have a better chance.


That’s what the Republicans do, play the American public as stupid. We know they are not going to pass anything.