Relate to a story.

In the February/March 2023 volume 20 issue 2 Concealed Carry Magazine, I came across a story that I and my wife really relate to.
Jumping To Conclusions (Avoiding A Fatal Mistake). Column- Two Homeowners Shot.
Within this story column I read that the responding officers didn’t receive information given to the dispatcher by the homeowners wife.
A flaw that has happened to us personally more than once where we live. Officers tell us they didn’t receive the information my wife or I reported to dispatch. This sometimes is after having to call more than once to dispatch to see why there are no officers showing up at our location. One time an officer said he couldn’t find our location, another [multiple] times officer said dispatch never told him/her that we asked for personal contact from the dispatched officer.
I truly believe in the need of a good Sheriff Department/Police Force but better training sometimes is also needed for some of those holding a critical job in the departments.


Sounds like that was on the 911 operator.


Sadly, not all 911 operators give a rat’s arse about us.
See Buffalo, NY.