Red Dot sights training video

This was a very good training video, thank you. I do not prefer red dots for a very particular reason, although I do have one on a .45 ACP Carbine.

That reason is that I have a significant astigmatism. If you also have this, then you might know that your red dot will look fragmented as a bunch of “mini-dots”.

The solution is simply to wear your prescription glasses when shooting with a red dot. Since I otherwise have decent eyesight, I don’t often do this unless I am shooting the aforementioned carbine.

I mention this because I went through several red dots thinking they were defective. I then found that I was the one who was defective.


IMHO and experience using both red dot sights and lasers, I see no real advantage to the red dot sight for stress fire, life or death situations we all hope to never be in. Forget about hand eye acuity, muscle memory, etc. An armed conflict, where you must draw your handgun and shoot or be shot, doesn’t give you that kind of time. I prefer my Crimson Trace Laserguard sight any day over red dot. It’s less bulky, comes on when I hold the grip, and it’s easy to see on (or off) the target. In addition, in such stressful scenarios, you’re more likely to be nervous and your aim not as steady. The laser dot tells you exactly how on or off target you are and if you’re shaky. Then you can instantly correct and fire.


@Steven288 , any chance you share the video with us?


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