Recovering from a 2A Setback

Brian K. Rushing Sr.'s journey to reclaim his Second Amendment rights was a testament to his determination and dedication to upholding his responsibilities as a law-abiding citizen. It was a process marked by perseverance and a strong desire to exercise his rights responsibly.

Brian’s story began with a setback, as he had faced challenges that temporarily led to a suspension of his Second Amendment rights. However, he was determined to rectify his situation. He understood the importance of adhering to the law and proving that he was a responsible individual worthy of possessing and receiving firearms.

The first significant milestone in Brian’s journey was gaining the FBI’s approval, demonstrating that he met the eligibility criteria to possess or receive a firearm. This achievement showcased his commitment to complying with the legal requirements, as the FBI’s thorough background check is designed to ensure that only those without disqualifying factors are granted this privilege.

But Brian’s quest didn’t end there. He was not content with just eligibility; he aspired to obtain a Concealed Weapons Permit from the Arizona Department of Public Safety’s Concealed Weapons Unit (CWPU). This process was another demanding challenge, requiring additional scrutiny and demonstrating his suitability for carrying concealed firearms.

Brian navigated the application process with diligence, ensuring that all the necessary paperwork was completed accurately and submitted promptly. He attended the mandatory training courses and demonstrated proficiency in firearm safety and usage. His commitment to responsible gun ownership was evident throughout this journey.

After a rigorous review by the CWPU, Brian received the approval for his Concealed Weapons Permit. This was a moment of triumph for him, signifying the culmination of his efforts to regain his Second Amendment rights and exercise them responsibly.

Brian K. Rushing Sr.'s story serves as a shining example of how an individual, faced with obstacles, can navigate the legal and administrative processes with dedication and perseverance. His commitment to upholding the law, coupled with his unwavering focus on responsible firearm ownership, allowed him to regain his rights and fulfill his responsibilities as a law-abiding citizen.


I don’t know what road you came down but Me, I REALLY APPRECIATE people that do it the right way. You made your amends or maybe even did your time, you went through all of the bureaucratic B.S. did it right and got it right. After all of that I trust you are traveling the good road now, I applaud you.


Thank you very much Mike164, and yes it was a long haul, but I got this one totally right!