Recent Tips Training falls short again

I am sorry but I am finding myself disagreeing with your USCCA Tips Instructor yet again. This time regarding how to behave when stopped by the police while driving while carrying a firearm.

I never asked a driver to unholster a weapon while seated in a car. NEVER. Especially if there are passengers. Nor is it routine to run a gun for stolen without probable cause on an infraction stop.

Sorry, but this guy just isn’t that good, nor do I find his Tip Instructions to be consistently as safe as they need to be.

USCCA is a world full of non professionals, etc. USCCA needs to be extremely careful and right on target in all aspects of the training offered. I do find the attorney to be very good.


Could put be more specific where this is?

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You are correct, unholstering a pistol in a vehicle is just a bad idea. to many accident possibilities especially for the untrained . See the gun be aware of the gun and if need be have them exit the vehicle and then take control of the gun.


Just came in a couple of hours ago from “Pro Tips & Training”.


I know of no other way to unholster a gun without placing your hand on the grips.

Leave the hands on the wheel.


Amen brother, that’s why we are still alive.


Yeah, Steven288, your idea does make a lot of sense to me. Hearing the vid, I cringed, what, “grab my gun?” What … the … “#@!*%#! ?” Normally, the USCCA sources I see - I’m like way cool with.

I’m not an officer but I can just guess that if he/she ever needed to obtain it, he/she might prefer ask I step out slow, empty hands slow and up, one person at a time, the I turn around and he/she can un-holster. IDK, seems safer for the officer.

Otherwise, great teaching video, I forgot about turning the dome light on, but even then, be careful not to look like you’re reaching for a weapon. No love lost.

Like you said, it’d be rare, unless I am or resembled a “wanted”.

Is this the correct training video in question (below)?; The fourth/on the right-handed side, Police Interactions?:*1whhs3c*_ga*MTg0MDEyNDQwMy4xNjc2NzY2NTAw*_ga_MFZ3H4HBX9*MTY3Njc3MzgzNS4yLjEuMTY3Njc3NjA0Mi41Mi4wLjA.&_ga=2.56327145.371375434.1676766501-1840124403.1676766500

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LOL, turn on the dome light!

It isn’t the lone Trooper with a Kelight that emits a weak amber light anymore. Night time stops will be accompanied by an impressive wall of lights behind and powerful flashlights in hand.

Keep it simple and leave the hands on the wheel.

You can start to get nervous if you are instructed to put your hands on the inside of the windshield.


I’ve had an officer ask me to remove the firearm from my waist with the holster. I slowly pulled the holster off my belt, and handed him the holstered firearm muzzle down. I’ve also had an officer ask to “check” a rifle that was in a case without any cause. I told him he was welcome to do all the checks he wanted with a warrant. He told me nevermind. I’m not the type to make things more difficult for officers, as they are just trying to do their job, but that particular incident was really off to me. Edit: From 4 lanes over and 5 cars behind me, he somehow saw my registration on the windshield was expired…


It wasn’t, by the way.


You will find very few that are more pro-police than me. However, as a founding member of NAFTO (National Association of Field Training Officers) in 1992, and having trained 34 officers over the years, I must admit that the profession is slipping here and there lately.

I believe that much has to do with the younger generations.

Take a look at some of the YouTubes etc. out there, especially when officers terminate pursuits or otherwise encounter stressful situations. You will see felony stop tactics go out the window as young officers charge up to the suspect vehicles. You will hear sirens left on by these guys in too big of a hurry, so all meaningful instructions are drowned out. You will hear “F Bombs” galore as the officers are jacking themselves up. And so on.

Training today is overemphasizing political desires at the sake of tactics. It’s a shame to this old officer.

BTW, ironically “Community Based Policing” is being pushed out by an over use of technology. Especially cell phones. Cops are calling victims to take reports, instead of going out to locations. A very lazy and inefficient way of doing police work.


I won’t pretend to know about all the training officers go through because I have no idea. However, most officers I have been graced with at my window are Texas State Troopers and LSP, as they frequent the road I take from Louisiana to Texas. Those two are some of the most professional people I’ve ever met… Nice but they won’t put up with any bs, which is my preference in personality. When you get around cities, that’s where the a-hole, possibly less trained/experienced officers seem to be. As far as the training being crappier and job execution lacking refinement, I don’t think that’s specific to any industry. I’ve hired people recently that “have experience”, and after watching them work, I often wonder when the experience they have is going to show up to work.


Ok then, confession Saturday?

“Someone” I know …

Not gonna name names here, "might have blown a red light cause the yellow light changing went kinda fast, then heard a dog barking, but t’was not a dog, t’was one of many police siren repertoires, pulled over a side street. Waited, but the sole officer had not yet gotten out of his BLUE & WHITE patroller.

Well this someone, was running late to college class, not knowing better to wait for the officer, decided to get out the car first, without being asked to, big mistake …

Walked over to the officer in his SQUAD, book bag on shoulder, the rest is vague now, eons ago, but officer must have asked for ID’s, as said bumbling student emptied entire contents of said bag onto hood of his SQUAD car ISO said ID.

How the officer didn’t laugh, IDK. Student ‘apologized, was running late for class’."

Would you believe he was let off with only a warning? Someone became a better driver and student, like instantly. Someone was very lucky that day!

“A cat has nine lives”? That ain’t nothing.

Before you make any civilian bumbling moves, wait, stop, think, wait for instructions.



Everyone knows green means go, yellow means go faster, and there ain’t no red, because you got through on yellow :joy:
I think that’s happened to everyone at some point. When you’re in a hurry, those reds seem to drag for an hour! When I get pulled over, I usually know I deserve it, and I’m on the officer’s time now. All I do is quietly cuss myself :rofl:


Uh oh. Yes indeed. I luv it though. Know you’re right, but as all of these posts are discoverable for a court of law, gotta keep our options open here, this was pre Red Light cameras being installed. :blush:


I don’t run red lights and if I’m not going to make it, I won’t attempt to. I was just noting the excuse many including myself have used of “I swear it was yellow when I went through” :joy:


I remember when I lived in Chicago and Chicagoland at rush hour they would change the timing of the lights, it would go from yellow to red in a millisecond


That’s just cheating!! I bet a lot of people still thought they could make it though lol


Oh, I thought everybody was just asking for a friend!


I’m just wondering as I read your post; could you’d have exhibited the staunch professionalism by reaching to the USCCA to assist with consultation or help with fine tuning the information it provides? Hmm, I would surmise there must be a myriad of methods used over the years by many former law enforcement personnel (tactics or methods) that actually worked for them that may have differed from your established norms. It’s my hope that such professionalism would be an added value to the organization as a whole if one would only dare lend their expertise more constructively. They even have a toll-free phone number. And I even believe their waiting for your call.

Which is more beneficial, to be a builder or a wrecking ball? Why not help out? Lend your expertise. Make the organization better. Those that make the decisions over content I’m sure would love to hear what you actually have to say. Give it try. What is there to lose?